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Winter hiking, because it’s always time to practice some sports in the open air in Garda Trentino!

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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Also in winter it is possible to practice some outdoor sports in Garda Trentino, to enjoy the beauty of the landscapes which are unique all over the world.

The magic of the woods, the perfumes of resin and dew, dry leaves creaking with a sweet sound at every step. In Garda Trentino, winter is a season that doesn’t close the door on any outdoor activities.

Taking on treks on the most beautiful hiking paths all over Garda Trentino become an accessible activity also in the cold season thanks to its Mediterranean climate that gifts you with mild temperatures and sunny days also in winter.

Are you ready to discover the rarified atmospheres of the hiking paths in winter?

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Winter hiking, because it's always time to practice some sports in the open air in Garda Trentino! Outdoor Winter

We should admit it, in winter you can’t sweat that much (our travel companions will appreciate it) and so it is possible to face also longer paths without feeling the typical fatigue caused by the summer heat. The stamina seem doubled and you feel the paths to be “all for you” without so many hikers.

Winter is a magic season that gifts you with peacefulness, silence and a lot of vitality! When the daylight drops down, staying in the open air will make your endorphins raise up and your mood will gain some glee and well-being!

In Garda Trentino you’ll have the chance to take on the Garda Trek paths  also in winter. Two out of the three circle itineraries are precisely intended to be challenged all year round, also in winter!

Or you could discover (and rediscover) some famous itineraries you already love like the footpath around Lake Tenno, that accentuates its picturesque emerald colour in winter, or the Busatte-Tempesta route. By the way, have you already watched our video?

I have decided to jump onto the Garda Trek-Low Loop route. I’m leaving from Riva del Garda and heading to the historical city centre of Arco, passing through amazing landscapes and places like Tenno, among vineyards and centuries-old olive trees. The fatigue doesn’t worry me, and with the right equipment also in winter going hiking gifts us with emotions and sensations we won’t never forget! And if it isn’t enough, should we talk about the calories we can burn off doing some exercise in the open air in winter?! I can’t speak for you, but as Christmas is just round the corner, I’ll already try to work off some extra pounds!

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