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Winter caravan holidays at Garda Trentino

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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Winter caravan holidays? At Garda Trentino you can. The magic of an on the road holiday will be even more exciting under the lights of Christmas.

Sleeping under the stars but comfortably lying on a soft mattress. Halfway between a comfortable luxury holiday and an adventurous experience in a tent, a caravan holiday combines freedom, contact with nature and the desire to live “into the wild” with all the comforts of a 4-star hotel.

Anyway, if you think that motorhome holidays are a prerogative of summer, you are wrong. In an area like Garda Trentino that combines the pleasantness of a Mediterranean climate with the beauty of snowy peaks that make the landscape idyllic, winter is truly unique and full of experiences to live. Of course, it is essential to ensure the opening of winter campsites and areas where you can stay with your caravan in peace.

So make sure you have everything you need: you are off for a winter caravan holiday at Garda Trentino! We are sure the memory will be indelible; travel with your vehicle along picturesque streets, postcard towns, lakeside streets where the reflections of the sun kiss the deep blue of the water and then still climb up the mountains and medieval villages.

Have we made you curious? We suggest you why you should choose to visit Garda Trentino by caravan for a winter holiday.

1. The sound of silence. Paraphrasing a famous song, holidays in caravans allow a silent holiday where the only sounds are those of nature. Far from the typical noises of a hotel, the rest areas of caravans are often close in nature and much quieter. If we talk about nature, Garda Trentino has lush forests and verdant mountains to discover. Here, thanks to the Mediterranean climate, outdoor activities are pleasant even in the middle of winter! The silence of the campsites will connect you with yourself. A… zen holiday!

2. Low cost holiday. Let’s face it, who doesn’t like to save money? It would be great to enjoy enchanted places without spending a fortune. Well, with a caravan holiday in winter you can! Containing costs will allow you to spend your budget on other fun experiences!

3. Family holidays. Children will love the adventure trip even more than adults (actually well organized). For the little ones, sleeping in a sleeping bag (thermal, of course) will be an unforgettable experience. It will be nice to use it not only for sleeping, but also during the day, outside, in the space around, while enjoying the fresh morning air, admiring Lake Garda in front of you or reading a good book with a steaming cup of tea.

Winter, its magic and the thousand events in Garda Trentino to be experienced in a caravan van

Winter in Garda Trentino has all the flavour of a season in the sign of the Christmas markets. In this region, more than ever, the most awaited feast of the year is made to be lived in a crescendo of events from the Christmas markets of Arco, to the Village of Taste and the House of Santa Claus (with the Academy of Elves for aspiring helpers of Santa Claus!) in Riva del Garda, from the enchanting lights of Torbole, whose atmosphere leaves everyone speechless, to the medieval village of Canale di Tenno, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, whose wraps become, during the Christmas period, spaces for exhibiting handmade handicrafts, sweets and decorations with an ancient flavour.

The freedom you can enjoy in a caravan is priceless. Ranging from one town to another – perhaps using the very convenient Garda Trentino Xmas Bus and leaving the caravan on the spot – in search of gifts to put under the tree or simple souvenirs, has something magical, just like the winter, the season where more than ever dreams seem to rhyme with travel on the road and low cost.

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