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Windsurfing with a champion at Lake Garda Trentino

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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Lake Garda and a young champion. What a winning combination! We experienced the course of windsurfing in Torbole sul Garda with the talented Ambassador Nicolò Renna.

Long hair and a dazzling smile. He is Nicolò Renna, the young and joyful windsurf ambassador of Garda Trentino. In a summer morning, he has literally invaded with his energy at Circolo Surf of Torbole Vasco Renna.

The wind in Torbole sul Garda, thanks to its privileged position in the middle of the mountains where the wind grows more and more intensively, flows strong every day: it helps to withstand the heat and is the windsurfers’ best friend at Lake Garda.

Nicolò Renna, born in 2001, is not only a professional windsurfer, but a dreamer… and his dream has come true because Nicolò is a windsurfing champion. In the 2017-2018 season, he won the South America Championship in the Techno 293 category, the world championship and the European championship in the RS:X Olympic class and Youth (under 17) category.

Windsurfing with a champion at Lake Garda Trentino Outdoor

Nicolò has followed his father’s footsteps. His father Vasco Renna, windsurf champion and federal technical instructor and owner of the famous windsurf center in Torbole for over 30 years, has grown him on a windsurf. Well, his vision was right.

We met him and tried the boom, the clew, the stern and the bow.

First of all, still on the ground, Nicolò explained us that we must never have headwind or the sail would crash on us! Then he explained how to stand on the surf, what our arms must do – they must be slightly bent – and we told us to be relaxed – the hardest part – and to follow the wind. Before sailing we had to make some technical tests out from the water and in the water.

After the first moves, we convinced ourselves that this sport is perfect for Garda Trentino: the power of the wind, the never intrusive sun and the surrounding natural beauty make it the unique place on earth where to practise it. What can we say more? It’s unbelievable.

After some disastrous dives into the water – the water was so warm! -, Nicolò showed u show a beginner should approach this water sport.

While observing him, we realized that Trentino and Italy should be proud of this young and smiling talent when he takes part in the windsurfing competitions all over the world.

Torbole at Lake Garda is a hotbed of water sports talents, so if you too want to try this water sport, click here and check the courses organized in the many schools and academies of Garda Trentino. It is time to feel the power of the wind and surf on this blue lake. The young and talented Nicolò Renna was born here.

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