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Windsurfing on Lake Garda with Bruno Martini

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
Windsurfing on Lake Garda with Bruno Martini
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Bruno Martini, born in 1993 from Trentino ancestry, has in his eyes (deep blue as the waters of Lake Garda) all the passion for a sport, windsurfing, he has been practicing since he was 8. He is the brand new testimonial of Garda Trentino of this sport, which has the allure of a discipline that is synonym for freedom and challenge against the waves firstly, but mainly against yourself! Combining competition and good sportsmanship in a perfect mix, Bruno is already wound up to compete in the most important Italian windsurfing contest of the year: the Windsurf Grand Slam 2016, from the 10th to the 17th of July at the Circolo Surf Torbole!

A whole week full of competitions which hosts four National Absolute Championship in the Freestyle, Slalom, Formula Windsurfing and Raceboard classes. This most eagerly-awaited event for windsurfing enthusiasts and professionals is getting closer and Bruno, a good athlete and super-champion, volunteered himself to answer our barrage of questions!

Hello Bruno and thank you for your precious time, just before the Windsurf Grand Slam! Can you tell us how you are getting ready to compete in this event:

Thanks to you, it’s really a pleasure. Actually I’m aiming for the first place at the Windsurf Grand Slam, I’m really excited! I will give it my all to win!

You are now a testimonial of Garda Trentino, what do you feel about representing your own area?

It really makes me proud, this partnership underlines my sense of belonging to a lake that offers my sport a great opportunity both for training and having fun, thanks to its distinctiveness. This is really one of the best places on earth, and I really hope to represent it as best as I can.

Finally summer has come: what is the best time of the day to windsurf in July and August?

It’s possible to work well both from South and North! In the morning, from 7 to 9.30 am, and in the afternoon from 12.30 to 4 pm with a good Ora wind. On Lake Garda I have always been able to train in periods and moments that would have been inconceivable in other parts of Italy. From March to November my training sessions are guaranteed thanks to a unique microclimate which is perfect for this sport!

And last but not least, a woman-oriented questions: are your brawn the result of both a strong workout and what kind of diet?

Not a high-protein one, as you can easily imagine. I attempt to eat healthy local food. Really few sweets, and only in the morning. And then, there are the waves that help me keeping fit!

Well, if this is the outcome, I hurry up to the Circolo Surf Torbole, I choose my board and… I am ready to take up this sport, windsurfing, which has all the beauty of an area naturally devoted to this discipline, and which can make you smell freedom!

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