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Wild berries risotto

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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Wild berries (from Drena), honey, Casolèt cheese (a typical DOP cheese from the Sole Valley) and an extraordinary extra virgin olive oil: Uliva, from the Agraria Riva del Garda. This is a top-quality oil, fruit of passion and experience. Its uniqueness led to obtain the highest national and international accolades, as well as several prizes. Here you have a teasing recipe which celebrates many high-quality products from Garda Trentino.

Simplicity together with high quality standards has always been a tenet of the Garda Trentino gastronomy, characterised by few elements respecting those traditions which pass down to every new generation. The Garda Trentino extra virgin olive oil stands out for its delicacy that chimes with the most gourmet dishes and for its large amount of polyphenols, the natural antioxidants for your health. Here’s a curiosity: this is the most northernly oil in the world, above the 46th parallel! It has just been celebrated by the Agraria Riva del Garda during a pleasant evening where the new Uliva bottle has been presented: a captivating design, good music (the event, connected to the Garda Jazz Festival opening soiree, has been a huge success) and some high quality wines. All we can do now is start cooking and… celebrate the Garda Trentino excellences as well!

Wild berries risotto Food and wine Recipes
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350 g. Carnaroli risotto rice

500 ml. vegetable stock

50 g. mountain butter

50 g. Garda Trentino EVO

1 spring onion 

400 ml. red wine (Teroldego Rotaliano DOC)

Fresh wild berries

(blueberries, raspberries, wild strawberries)

Trentino Grana cheese


200 G. Casolèt cheese

200 ml. fresh heavy cream

a pinch of pink peppercorn


Fresh wild berries

Pinus mugo honey

Dried raspberries powder

To prepare the risotto, heat the oil in a pan, add the spring onions finely chopped and stir it. Add the rice, toast it quickly and pour in the wine. Let the Teroldego wine evaporate and add your first ladle of hot stock. Stirring, keep adding ladlefuls of stock until the rice is cooked (this will take around 15/17 minutes). Around 7/8 minutes before the rice is cooked, add the wild berries, always stirring. Remove from the heat and add the butter and grana cheese. Stir well to mix all the ingredients and make the risotto creamy.

Wild berries risotto Food and wine Recipes
@Yrma Ylenia Pace

For the fondue, bring the heavy cream to the boil in a small casserole. Remove from the heat and add the diced Casolèt cheese. Let the cheese melt and then blend the mixture with a food processor. If you like, add some pink peppercorn.

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