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Where it is possible to follow the greatest regattas in Garda Trentino

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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Garda Trentino is the ultimate destination to go sailing and enjoy the most compelling regattas on Italy's biggest lake from different perspectives.

With the upcoming spring, Garda Trentino is in the spotlight more than ever with a wealth of outdoor activities you can practice or even just… enjoy!

As it works for sailing!

Those winds that blow regularly turn Garda Trentino into the ultimate destination for all the sailing enthusiasts. The regular and never extreme waves, that wind we have already mentioned (the Ora, that blows from south to north, isn’t sometimes a really delicate caress but gives energy and stamina to those sports that need its strength like windsurfing and sailing!) and the breathtaking landscapes make this place an ideal location for such sports like sailing. Lake Garda is world famous as one of the best European regatta fields and is as good as the great international tracks. In Torbole and Riva del Garda “going downwind” has never been so pleasant. And if you as well, just like me, are dying for being at one of the numerous regattas that liven up Garda Trentino, a question will surely come up:

“Where is it better to watch the regattas?”

Answer: we will suggest you three ideal spots where you will attend the most compelling regattas with your eyes but mainly with your heart.

  1. Ponale trail. Not only one of the most beautiful and panoramic treks all over Europe, but also an ideal place to peer over the blue horizon and at the sailboats facing thanks to the wind! At every bend from Riva del Garda to Pregasina, each regatta is a real show.

  2. Busatte-Tempesta footpath. From downtown Torbole up to Busatte park. From here, a path overhanging over the lake offers astounding glimpses to cherish the regattas!

  3. Pregasina. For those of you who don’t want to miss the chance to mix the regatta and the breathtaking panoramic view on Garda Trentino, there is the opportunity to get to Ledro Valley directly by car, and then take the road to Pregasina. From here, you could enjoy the amazing show of Garda Trentino “enlivened” by sailing boats following one another pushed by the wind.

    Where it is possible to follow the greatest regattas in Garda Trentino Tips

The wind is a necessary element for Garda Trentino, and sailing is one of the most appropriate sports for this territory. The mild sun-kissed climate, the gentle waves dashing the rocks, the green mountains framing a regatta show. You are on Lake Garda, and no other emotions have ever blown so hard!

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