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What you should take in the mountains with you: the vademecum for the perfectly safe excursion.

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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Here you have the list of the items and the equipment you'd better take with you on a safe mountain excursion.

The mountain is an amazing place where everything seems to have its own dimension. The more rarified air, the thick greenery, the pure light that shines through the high trees, creating a fairytale atmosphere. The Alto Garda mountains welcome millions of guests each year, ready to take on the steepest ascents to breath some fresh air and enjoy the cool climate during the summer (or the pure white snow in winter).

Anyway, whatever the season you decide to go on a trek in the mountains, it’s imperative you take the right equipment with you: suitable items and clothes to fully enjoy the hiking life, without facing some unpleasant surprises! The mountain is a place you must respect, to stay at one with yourself and the inhabitants of the woods.

Very often it is usual to bump into unlikely “hikers” who go too far taking some useless and heavy equipment with them (preventing themselves from enjoying the treks as well), or unwary tourists who dare a beach outfit, running into dangerous “pratfalls” (both stylistic and… physical!)

To enjoy an intensive day in the mountains it is indeed right to take few but useful items with you, together with a comfortable and appropriate clothing! Let’s try to compile an easy list for everybody!

1. Perspirant clothing with different layers. You know, it is rather difficult to understand the weather or wind we’ll get in the mountains, so it is imperative to take a layered clothing suitable for hiking.

2. Hiking shoes. Say goodbye to high heels, you fashion victims (including me!), at least for some hours! The ideal is choosing some comfortable hiking shoes with perspirant socks for the feet not to sweat.

3. Backpack on your shoulders! A comfortable backpack (for a daily excursion, a 25/30-liter backpack is fine), where to put your stuff and water is essential. Please remember an adequate water provision, maybe also a supplement of mineral salts for the hottest days!

What you should take in the mountains with you: the vademecum for the perfectly safe excursion. Autumn Outdoor Spring Summer Winter

4. Hat. Being it both made of wool for the winter or anti-sun for the summer, the cap will save your head from a sunstroke or the wind! What’s more, we should admit that tousled hair only fits the Hollywood stars!

5. Whistle. We don’t want to be negative, but in case you lose your compass (by the way, why not adding it to our list?), it’ll be useful for you to be found more easily.

6. Protection cream and lip balm. Don’t sniff at it, men. Stealing cream and lip balm from your wife’s vanity case will be useful also for you. The rays of sunlight are rather strong on the top of the mountains!

7. Food. Together with water, it is the other essential element to take in the mountains with you. The huts could be closed, and food is an excellent way to…make new friends as well! Maybe you could also share your snacks with a handsome hiking mate!

8. First aid kit. You never know, but on the longer paths it is better to have a small first aid kit: medicine in small boxes that could rescue you from a bad cut or a blister on your feet!

9. Torch or frontal lamp. In case you are late, it is useful to have a torch not to lose sight of the path. But also to explore the tunnels and trenches along the footpaths about the Great War they are dramatically important!

10. Camera. It won’t save your life, but it will give you some wonderful memories of your mountain excursion. And don’t forget to share the shots of your mountain excursion with the #GardaTrentino hashtag!

These are only 10 suggestions, but obviously there’d be many more for you. The most sincere advice? Have your eyes wide open, and your heart as well. Because the mountain gives you the priceless chance for going on a fabulous trip, the one inside yourself, more than wonderful glimpses and breathtaking views.

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