Garda Trentino: wind and water It could be possible to recap this land in two symbolic elements that turn the northern tip of Italy’s biggest lake in a real dream for all the water sport lovers!

The crystal clear waters of the lake in fact get ruffled thanks to the five winds of Garda Trentino, and they make it perfect to practice some water sports like sailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing!

The winds, among which the well-known Ora that blasts from 11 am until the sun goes down, give off also a pleasant breeze in the hot summer days, making demanding sports like windsurfing a real pleasure. Well, now it is better to point out what water sports are practiced in Garda Trentino in more detail.

Water sports on Lake Garda Trentino

Here you have a detailed list of water sports that can be practiced on Lake Garda:

  1. windsurfing

  2. sailing – sailability (for people who have motor disabilities)

  3. stand up paddle surfing

  4. canoeing

  5. open water swimming

  6. fishing

  7. diving

  8. canyoning

  9. kitesurfing

What is your favourite one? Have you already chosen what water sport you will try your hand at?!


In addition to the great “classics” like windsurfing and sailing, one of the big news is undoubtedly the stand up paddle surfing, a relaxing sport that should be practiced when the lake is flat (and so, during the morning or late afternoon, when the Ora wind has already faded). You will appreciate the beauty of the high lush mountains from the center of the lake. And it will look like you will be flying! Canyoning is also highly recommended for the thrill seekers, amidst lowering, dives and swims in some transparent water basins. Remember to do it always with the help of some professional and trained guides!

The same goes for scuba diving in Lake Garda: even if you are some kind of expert, remember to always rely on schools and guides who will be able to advise you and will enable you to carry out every water sport fully safely.

Don’t worry if you are real beginners instead; you could join some surfing and sailing courses for example (the two most practiced sports on the lake, undoubtedly) in the local schools and specialised centers, as well as hiring the necessary equipment if you don’t have already your own. Fun is guaranteed! Here you could attend some courses which are targeted to every age, both for adults and kids!

Blue-coloured holiday combos!

Whatever your beloved water sport is, Garda Trentino gives you the chance to live it over a weekend entirely dedicated to your passion! Have a look at this offers, and let yourself be captivated by the blue colour of Lake Garda!