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Valentine’s day on Lake Garda Trentino: when romanticism can be found everywhere

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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Valentine's day is the day of romanticism and cuddles. Here in Garda Trentino, love is everywhere, come and find it out!

Two hearts and a lake. It could be the title of a movie or… the title of your trip! Where? Here obviously, on Lake Garda Trentino, where romanticism is an integral part of every glimpse, view and landscape.

Valentine’s day is getting closer and what better time to “steal” a weekend just for you and your sweetheart, and run away to discover one of the most romantic places in the world?

This show is free of charge, and it is warmly offered by the splendor of the unique landscape of Italy’s biggest lake.

It will be easy to organise all the rest of a weekend (or longer) to spend the most romantic day of the year in one of the most evocative and poetic places all over! It’s no accident that, through lingering lines, many writers have told the splendour of a lake nestled amid high mountains, whose shimmering glares touch our soul now as then.

We are giving you 5 excellent reasons to spend Valentine’s day on Lake Garda Trentino (but we are waiting for yours as well!)

  • Sunsets. February is the perfect time to live the most beautiful sunsets of the year. During this month the sky turns red, but sometimes it blends into delicate pink. What’s more romantic than looking at the sun going down behind the mountains while the lake fills with love?

  • Lakefront walks. Garda Trentino offers a great number of romantic and panoramic walks. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate, the sunny days give you the chance to go on sweet lakefront walks to keep fit, stay in close contact with nature and keep by the hand. Yes, keep the hands of your sweetheart is the most authentically romantic sign that could ever exist!

  • Spa and wellness. Do you fancy some real relaxation for two? What’s better than one of the manyfold spas in Garda Trentino to chill out and take some time to enjoy the company of your soulmate?

Valentine's day on Lake Garda Trentino: when romanticism can be found everywhere Tips Winter

  • Appreciating the greenery of the Arboretum. This is a living botanical museum. It takes its name from the Archduke Albert VII, who founded this precious botanical garden in 1873. More than 200 different species of trees and shrubs from sequoias to California incense-cedars, from holm oaks to exotic trees. Don’t you think it is extremely particular and romantic to make an endless love promise in the middle of centuries-old trees?

  • Food and wine. Anyway, Valentine’s day is also the perfect day to enjoy a romantic dinner for two. In Garda Trentino there are loads of very romantic restaurants that are willing to offer some specific menus for a hearts-and-flowers evening. Here our a feu suggestions. The first is Ristorante Aqua, with a wonderful view on the port of Torbole, lake fish dishes and appetizing desserts for a romantic dinner in a cosy and classy location!

Dro is not less worthing. Only few kilometers far from the lake the Ristorante Alfio is waiting for you. Also here you will find a special menu for two with well-prepared local delicacies. The modern, elegant and cosy location turns it into the perfect place to celebrate Valentine’s day. What about the dessert for this special day? Napoleon with vanilla chantilly cream.

If you rather prefer an à-la-carte menu, here you have other two suggestions for your candle-light dinner. “Trattoria Acetaia del Balsamico Trentino“, the ideal place to taste some savoury carne salada with a wonderful view on Lake Garda, and “Al Forte Alto” in Nago. A very romantic place with exquisite Trentino dishes in a fortress that dates back to 1860 overlooking the lake!

My mouth is already watering. For the most romantic day of the year, big acts are not needed. Only giving your whole self to the one you love. Take some time for you in one of most beautiful spots in the world. This is the real message for you and your sweetheart!

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