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Urban Trekking in Riva del Garda. Walks, art and city awesomeness

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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The Urban trekking is getting trendier and trendier and is the perfect way to re-live the history and traditions of a place. Even more in Riva del Garda between art, lake and beautiful landscapes!

Step by step to discover the charm of a place. The urban trekking is a more and more popular initiative to involve the soft tourism and to let the visitors discover original nooks and crannies and the most unknown corners of a town.

This activity is a mix of outdoor sports like trekking and passion for art, beautiful landscapes, gusto, photography and more.

A “slow” and aware tourism who rises the eyes and stares at the surrounding marvels while practising some sports like walking uphill, up and down stairs and differences in altitude, walking at a faster and slower pace and some breaks.

Call it “vagabonding”, the art of wandering around the world. You’ll come back home with a suitcase full of memories.

Small centre, big charm

Urban Trekking in Riva del Garda. Walks, art and city awesomeness Autumn Outdoor Spring Summer Winter
panorama, Patrizia N. Matteotti

If you love the history of a church or of a town street, the vagabonding is what you are looking for.

In Riva del Garda, at Garda Trentino, it is full of breath-taking glimpses and you will discover them step by step!

The urban trekking is a new level of tourism, that pays more attention to the local history and traditions. A sustainable tourism to explore the hidden wealth of Riva del Garda.

A “Hidden Wealth”. Morocco, in the middle of Riva del Garda

Lace up and go. This course starts in town. Yes, because trekking doesn’t always mean mountain, arduous paths or demanding hills.

The physical activity is much fun when combined with marvellous places like the church Inviolata in Riva, the thrilling glimpses, monuments, sunsets or sunrises.

The old town centre of Riva del Garda is perfect for the urban trekking.

One of the best courses is in the picturesque district, Morocco.

The history of Riva dates back to the pre-Roman era. Its tiny centre developed thanks to its strategical position for the military defence and, afterwards, given its beauty, for the tourism. What a joy when you walk in its old town centre – its distinctive colourful palaces overlooking the old harbour unveil numerous evidence of its rich past.

In particular, this course crosses the picturesque and popular district Morocco and leads to the square of the same name. You can still see the ruins of the medieval walls and three towers, now parts of the built-up area. This very easy walk is a loop and starts from Rocca di Riva, one of the symbols of the town, and gets at via Marocco. In this district you can stare at a slendid palace built in the fourteenth century, the Palazzo del Vescovo, and an ancient wash house.

Walking in the core of Riva del Garda

Another urban trail ideally gathers the most meaningful monuments of the old town centre of Riva del Garda. An easy course, even for the less trained people and suitable for pushchairs! A real journey to the beauties of Riva – the Torre Apponale, Palazzo Pretorio and Lungolago d’Annunzio, overlooking the old town centre. The blue, bright and immense water of Garda seem to embrace you.

The you can conclude the visit walking up to Bastione, the extraordinary Venetian castle and awesome panoramic point of Riva. You walk for about 20 minutes, but the view from there is worth the effort!

And if take some pictures while walking, share them with the hashtag #gardatrentino?

Come and try the urban trekking, the way to practise some sport and give a look to the marvels around us. Take your time, enjoy he courses and discover new places in Riva del Garda.

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