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Trout Fillet with red radicchio julienne, wild herbs yoghurt and edible flowers

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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After all the food excesses, it's a good idea to eat some healthy but tasty km-0 dishes such as this Garda Trentino trout fillet.

The Christmas holidays haven’t finished yet, the Christmas markets still ravish us with their peculiar smell of cinnamon and mulled wine, the warm lights and the Christmas atmosphere remind us that until the Epiphany there is still some time to celebrate, as the old saying goes! Well actually, after tons of panettone, pandoro, zelten, lasagna and many other delicacies, our liver begs for mercy! And as experts suggest, fish is surely one of the best food to purge of the food excesses.

We, people from Garda Trentino, are fond of our fish, the freshwater one, though. Like the trout! What’s better than choosing a km 0 excellence? Our environment and your health will appreciate!

This trout fillet is perfect either for a detox day and a festive celebration! You would really make an impression easily.

Are you ready for a made-in-Garda Trentino recipe?


1 fresh white trout fillet (we have chosen the Armanini variety)

Half red radicchio

10 unprocessed dried edible flowers (borage, rosemary, calendola, rose and violet)

3 tbs Trentino honey

Juice of half Garda lemon

150 ml Val di Ledro fresh whole yoghurt

1/2 garlic clove

2 tsp of dried potherbs (thyme, majoram, parsley)


1 tbs Garda Trentino extra virgin olive oil

Trout Fillet with red radicchio julienne, wild herbs yoghurt and edible flowers Food and wine Recipes

Ph Yrma Ylenia Pace

Chop the garlic and add it to the yoghurt. Season with salt and add the wild herbs. Stir well and put the sauce in a colander to drain the liquid for at least 12 hours, placing a bowl underneath the colander.

Clean and dry the radicchio, julienne it and make it toast in a non-stick frying pan for few minutes until crisp. Steam the trout fillet for 5-6 minutes, seasoning with some salt.

Place the radicchio on the serving plate, add the trout fillet and some spoonful of yoghurt sauce on it. Emulsify the honey with lemon juice and a tablespoon of Garda Trentino extra virgin olive oil. Pour this emulsion on both radicchio and sauce. Garnish with dried flowers.

The ultimate dish to celebrate the Epiphany or to detox with some genuine healthy ingredients, enhancing the culinary Garda Trentino excellences!

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