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Trekking at Garda Trentino. Experiences you will love

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
credits: Jennifer Torghele
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Going trekking at Lago di Garda Trentino? An experience you will start loving from your first step! Discover all our proposals and have fun.

Walk in nature, melt your body and mind with the surrounding nature, catch all its fragrances and colours. You will reinvigorate step by step.

Get the slow living back to keep fit and visit new places. Discover your love for nature and the slow walking.

Trekking go hand in hand with Lake Garda Trentino… not only in summer! From May to November, the trekking lovers can enjoy a weekly program of treks – two half-day treks and two all-day treks to live the emotion of a mountain experience with expert mountain guides.

From the trekking with the donkeys to the famous Ponale, well-know all over Europe, Garda Trentino offers much more than emotions. Choose the route you prefer most and discover this land in a sustainable way.

Put your backpack one and go

Your kids will love the trekking with the donkeys at Malga Zanga. Accompanied by expert guides and their special friends – the donkeys –, they will reach the top of Monte Creino. Three hours of walking pet therapy!

Trekking at Garda Trentino. Experiences you will love Most Popular Articles Outdoor
trekking with the donkeys at Malga Zanga

And what about the trek Tenno- Canale- Lago di Tenno? The emerald green lake of Trentino is a jewel and the medieval village – Canale, one of the most beautiful Hamlets of Italy – will surprise you with its timeless charm! A jump back in time among mountain streets and ancient mule tracks. The path lasts about three hours and is 6 kilometres long. Bring your camera, you cannot do without it.

Keen on history? Mind the foxholes!

If you love the trekking and history, you cannot miss this trek to the foxholes of monte Corno.

From Nago, a picturesque little village, you will walk to Monte Corno and observe the defensive system of the Austro-Hungarian army.

The various posts were in a strategic position… the view from there is breath-taking. It almost looks like a painting – five kilometres and a half of real pleasure.

Garda Trentino is for history lovers, photography enthusiasts, for families and children and for the people who, after a long walk, want to taste delicious typical dishes.

Lake Garda Trentino seems to be created exactly for this reason; to let you enjoy this place step by step. Choose and book now your favourite trek without forgetting the most important precautions to go trekking safely and enjoy the surrounding beauties of nature.

Calvino said “Walking assumes that at every step the world will change anyhow and even that something will change in us”. Whether he was right, get ready to go back home and feel different after a trek at Garda Trentino. Better, more serene or simply happier.

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