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Traveling with the kids discovering Lake Garda Trentino

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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Traveling with the kids discovering Lake Garda Trentino, gleefully and cheerfully as only the children are able to.

Sun, lake, some games and lots of laughter. A holiday with the kids on Lake Garda Trentino can be summarised with these simple words.

A place to be loved, that enchants the little ones with long golden beaches, equipped with playgrounds, a lot of schools to practice some water sports, many bikeways suitable for them and multifarious activities that will make you live a different fairy tale every day.

Lake Garda Trentino is a kid-oriented microcosm, with the games and activities of the Kids Club, lots of activities for both families and kids of all ages.

For an active and cheerful holiday in the nature, you may want to start with making the kids discovering mother nature’s strength by visiting the majestic Varone Waterfalls and to make them understand the magic of the human intelligence thanks to a visit to the Hydroelectric Plant in Riva del Garda. An unexpected and engaging experience with some original multimedia productions. In July and August it is possible to visit the plant of Riva del Garda even during the evenings, to enjoy the amazing panorama from the terrace and to appreciate the starry city.

Let’s have a look to all the suggestions for kids under 12! (well, also a bit more grown-up!)

LITTLE ATHLETES GROWING UP – The sailing, windsurfing and climbing schools.

Everybody knows it’s better to nurture sports since you are a child. And what better time than going on a trip with the kids and make them practice a sport that could engage them? In Garda Trentino there are lots of schools where it’s possible to learn how to practice a funny and fast-paced sport. First of all, the water sports. Little sailors, what how do you see a sailing course to learn how to sail a boat rescuing from the lake waves? Or rather quelling Mister Wind (the Ora wind, obviously! thanks to a windsurfing course? After all, getting on a board seems like flying an inch from the water! Little Bruno Martini climbers are growing up! (our Ambassador really need some heirs!).
Traveling with the kids discovering Lake Garda Trentino Family Summer
And on the contrary, if your kids are very keen on mountain, what do you think about teaching them how to climb? Garda Trentino is definitely the home of
climbing. Our champion Adam Ondra knows it best: he is our Ambassador for this sport and he has opened many routes and climbed some unreachable faces in this area!

Traveling with the kids discovering Lake Garda Trentino Family Summer


Did you know that? From the Garda Trentino area it is possible to easily reach Gardaland Resort in just one-hour drive, the amusement park for the whole family! But if you rather prefer an already prepared combo just for you, have a look to our bus excursion! Near Verona you may also visit the Parco Acquatico Cavour, the Caneva World Resort and Movieland park; you can choose to book your tickets here  or in one of our tourist offices in Riva del Garda, Arco and Torbole.

If your kids love animals, do you know that in Riva del Garda you have the chance to get to know the most fascinating reptiles in the world? The town is home to Reptiland: here it is possible to appreciate some of the most beautiful and important species of poisonous and nonpoisonous snakes, spiders and insects!

It’s open every day from 11 am to 8 pm.

Kids under 8 can go for free!

And if you want an up and doing weekend for the whole family, don’t miss this active combo.

Mum, dad and kids will live a weekend in the spirit of glee and doing many outdoor activities in Garda Trentino!


Exactly on the lake shores, here you have the perfect entertainment for your little ones! From Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 12 pm, it is free and open to all children, both tourists and dwellers.

Games, fun and multilingual workshops will engage the kids from 5 to 10 in amusing group activities characterised by a cultural and language exchange! A babysitting service is also available for one hour or more, for those mums and dads who are “busy” getting tanned or practising some water sports, while the little ones, controlled by some experts, will get lose to the summer rhythm! For further details and prices.

Garda Trentino welcomes the families to share that sensation of an endless joy all together. That joy only a holiday is able to convey, to feel lively and cheerful together with your kids, as we were kids again.

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