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tour lake garda
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It doesn’t matter if you are a dreaming tourist searching for happiness or a dweller of these evocative places, in any case Lake Garda is worth observing, breathing and loving from different perspectives! Or even better, different… tours! (You can choose here your excursion). Strolling around in the nature, having fun in many amusement parks, getting to know the celebrities from the past in real literary walks, but enjoying also several food and wine tours, learning history and Great War! All these opportunities in a unique framework lapped by the clear lake waters where segments of wild coast interchange with villages perched on the mountains. Going on holidays in Garda Trentino is like plunging yourself into nature and history, without forgetting the fun, of course! Hiking over several different itineraries means grabbing the evolution of a territory, its shades, the paths that have inspired big names of the literature, like J. W. Goethe, among the others.

Per acqua e per terra (By water and by land) is the tour dedicated to him. But also Rainer Maria Rilke and his imaginative Promenade with the atmosphere of the Kurort (i.e. a spa town); what’s more? Oh yes, Con Kafka attraverso Riva (All around Riva with Kafka), a tour that allows you to breath the ambiance and the fascination of Riva in the early 1900s, thanks to an exciting reenactment of his tale The Hunter Gracchus and reaching the places the great writer took inspiration from.

For those who have a sweet tooth there are several opportunities to savor Mother Nature’s gifts with both eyes and taste. For example, Merenda tra storia e natura (Tea break between history and nature) is an amazing excursion to one of the most beautiful hamlets in Italy, the medieval village of Canale di Tenno, where you could pamper yourself in a mouthwatering break with typical products and history! If you like small fruits, this is the right moment to tuck in. Where? In Drena! Visiting the impressive castle and savoring these little and tasteful gifts of nature!


Do you feel like tasting the original flavors from Trentino? Enjoy a tour “full of beans”! How? Visiting the the hydroelectric plant of Riva del Garda, but before enjoy a boat ride down to Limone and a tradition-based brunch! As an alternative, if you are a “night bird” be ready for a tour on the Night Wings to discover night raptors and the sounds of an obscure nature! Is the stone age the period you have always wanted to live in? Pop over Ledro Valley then! A programme full of excursions and guided tours to the Museum of Stilt Houses is waiting for you! What is missing now? Well, a jump into our grandparents and great-grandparents’ history and their sacrifices. Passeggiando tra i forti (Strolling around the strongholds) is a tour that celebrates World War I thanks to a visit to different defensive walls which have been restored recently.

Lest we forget. And after having wandered amid nature, history, culture, literature and delicacies, are you ready to go back to your childhood in the biggest amusement park in Italy? From our area it is in fact possible to head off to Gardaland! It doesn’t matter if you are old or young, it’s a good idea for you to pop over there both at daytime and nighttime. This magic place will give you an adrenaline rush at every moment of the day! I start from here. Who wants to take a ride on the roller coaster with me?

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