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Top running events

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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here you have five not-to-be-missed top running events around Garda Trentino.

Running along the Garda Trentino shores is cheerful, funny and happy like a ditty.

Lake Garda is an amazing place where running to alleviate the stress or the strain after an intensive working day or rather recharge your batteries to feel full of energy again. After a running you will restore both your body and soul, enjoying the unique panorama of a light blue lake, with crystal clear waters surrounded by high lush mountains!

Being you both professionals or just running enthusiasts, you won’t miss the top running events for sure. Actually, we would like to make a special reference to the 5:30 Run. A non-competitive race of about 5,3 km at 5.30 in the morning, when the town of Riva del Garda is still sleeping and the gloaming turns to daylight.

This year it will be held on July 7 2017, and it will represent the occasion to promote an healthy lifestyle and the possibility to appreciate the splendor around us at a time when the idlers usually sleep.

In addition to 5:30, we have selected 5 top events just for you. Are you ready to find out what we are talking about? Who is first on the finish line? Well, at the end of this article?

Top running events Events Tips

  1. Garda Trentino Trail. The first trail running race in the AltoGarda area. From Riva del Garda to Arco, covering some fabulous landscapes. 60 kms of pure pleasure combined with sweat. Be ready on Saturday, May 6 2017 to savour the blending of nature and running in its best essence!

  2. La Ponale Running. On April 25 2017 a longed-for mountain running is back on the world-famous Ponale trail, one the most loved paths all over Europe! From Riva del Garda to Ledro Valley among history, breathtaking views and the unopposed blue of Lake Garda waters. 3 races: the first competitive, the second non-competitive and the third dedicated to families.

  3. Bolognano-Velo. May 28 2017, you definitely have to sign this date on your agenda; let’s start with one of the most exciting mountain running, valid as Italian championship and first stage of the World Cup. The harshest nature and the most trained legs are necessary for this running with a high… sweat level!

  4. Torbole Night Run. In autumn, precisely on October 14 2017, there will be time for the Torbole Night Run. As the name suggested, it is a 11-km-long non-competitive race during the night on the evocative Busatte-Tempesta path and its famous 300 steps! The gloaming hugs the lake, and the view on Lake Garda at sunset will be worth the strain!

  5. Move it Garda 21 k. The 16th edition of this famous international race will be held on November 12 2017 in Riva del Garda. After the boom in entrants for the last edition (more than 5000 competitors), Half Marathon is back this year, livelier than ever! Born to promote the respect for the environment and the local natural beauties, this race is open to registration already this month. Thanks to its slightly descending and relatively short route, it allows every running enthusiast to take on this compelling competition. During Move It Garda 21 k, an Expo Area will be also set up, to get all the running lovers together under a unique… heart!

You know why? Because running is good for your heart, according to experts. We would add that running is good for the organ itself, but mainly for the most emotional part of it. Running is a bit like falling in love: the heart gets racing, the breath seems like fragmented and around us the unique landscape of the AltoGarda area helps us remembering that this is a “long love-story” that will never come to an end!

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