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Top 5 Trekkingtrips on Lake Garda Trentino

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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Hiking, excursions, strolls. Label this sport as you like to. By definition, hiking is a practice involving a series of activities based on walking

Hiking, excursions, strolls. Label this sport as you like to. By definition, hiking is a practice involving a series of activities based on walking, frequently but not only, along different paths and roads in natural surroundings. Dictionary aside, walking is a wonderful verb. A verb that thrust you out on a path originated from the brain, from a traveler’s remote phantasy.

We walk to discover unknown places, to experience landscapes that otherwise would remain hidden or not completely visible. We often walk to restore our spirit. To “talk” to ourselves, providing also some answers, be sure about that. Garda Trentino offers incredible places to spot natural beauties which are often hidden behind the fast rhythms of our daily life.

There are manifold trails I could suggest you, but for the moment I’ve selected 5 of them to be discovered right away.

We could define it a real top 5! Do you like classics without winners? Here you have five fabulous tracks impossible to be missed in Garda Trentino! Ready, steady, go!

  1. Ponale trail (Riva del Garda): from the hydroelectric plant in Riva del Garda the Ponale trail starts southward. It winds sheer from the lake waters and rewards the hikers with breathtaking views.

  1. Busatte – Tempesta path (Torbole sul Garda): from the Busatte park a hike gets underway twisting and turning for 4 kms, with about 400-step iron stairways (solid calfs guaranteed!) splendidly overlooking Lake Garda. The path is almost flat and goes over two sides: Corno di Bò and Salt de la Cavra (funny names these ones, the former being literally “ox’s horn”, the latter “goat’s jump”).

Top 5 Trekkingtrips on Lake Garda Trentino Outdoor
  1. San Pietro – Monte Calino (Tenno): a circular path where you could also have a rest in the shelter of the same name, rewarding all your efforts with mouthwatering dishes from the best local tradition!
  2. Marocche – Le Valli della Luna: the “Marocche” biotope is a deposit of rocky material formed because of glaciations. On your way to Drena you will feel like being on the moon! A bit desert, a bit celestial body… and also a bit of stone age! (even dinosaurs trails have been dug up!)
  3. Mount Brione Forts (Riva del Garda): the Mount Brione forts’ path allows you to jump into the past and behold several forts of the Festung Abschitt. Remains of round paths, observation decks, trenches and military ways are still visible. And then, remember that Mount Brione is a biotope: you can find 500 different plant species!

Around the world there are plenty of trails you can choose to visit with will- and leg power. Those you could discover in Garda Trentino can be hearth and soul visited, experienced and explored… with your eyes wide open to observe such splendors!

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