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Top 5 relax beaches on Lake Garda Trentino

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
TOP 5 RELAX BEACHES on lake garda trentino
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The North Lake Garda shores are rich in wonderful beaches suitable for everyone. During this season, relax will be the keyword for your holidays on both lake and river waters all around Garda Trentino.

The warm sun caresses your skin with its salutary rays giving you some sort of coziness. Stretches of beaches, less crowded than July and August, offer you calmness, rest and peacefulness, and allow you to read a good book and listen to the waves crashing against the shore pushed by the Ora wind.

If relax is your watchword, a holiday in Garda Trentino is what you need to restore, keep the stress out and recharge your batteries before the long cold winter. As the old saying goes: “September, crisp air both in the morning and the night”.

Thus, if you are among those who can’t bear the muggy heat, the only thing you need to do is taking advantage of this month, forerunner of the autumn, and find out where you can still enjoy relaxing beaches on Lake Garda shores.

We thought you would appreciate a top-5 list just for you, and so here you have:

  1. Lake Tenno, a deep blue greenish spot plunged into a fab woodland. You are safely sunbathing on a rocky and grass beach with snack bars, picnic areas and toilets that round out the offering of this peaceful place. 

  2. Miralago – Riva del Garda Beach, another relaxing spot overlooked by high green mountains surrounding Riva. This gravel beach is ideal for an enjoyable reading and it also gives us the opportunity to dive from the offshore springboard where you could enjoy the refreshing lake waters!

    Top 5 relax beaches on Lake Garda Trentino Most Popular Articles Summer Tips

  3. Arco Lido: here the endless beach stretch gives you the absolute certainty not to have “nearby” neighbours and to enjoy a long rocky beach with a big green field. Invigorating swims and a restoring nap will be your daily “duty”!

  4. Ceniga di Dro. Who says that there is only the lake? The gentle waters of the River Sarca could also offer a relaxing holiday. Here in Ceniga, a tiny white gravel beach, easy to reach by bike or on foot thanks to a cycle lane, offers you rest, peacefulness and the evocative view on a Roman bridge.

  5. Let’s end up with another beach along the river Sarca shores: in Arco, Moletta point, a quite and tiny place. The trees enclose and hide it away from prying eyes. It’s a wonderful place to cool down and it is also suitable for kids.

There is no doubt that you are now curious to find out all the other beaches as well. As for us, we are ready to make a “sacrifice” for you, waiting for you to do it personally. September has arrived and its mild temperatures, the sun still up in the sky and the Garda Trentino waters are waiting for you!

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