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Top 5 events for your August in Garda Trentino

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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Here you have our top 5 list with five events you shouldn't miss out in August on the Garda Trentino shores

Summer has already peeped out for a while and the marvelous Garda Trentino shores got coloured by the warm golden summer sun.

If July has given and is still giving summer breezes and romantic glimpses, August will be as good, and together with hot days on the beach it will give us the chance to enjoy several not-to-be-missed events, from sport to food and drink and some music moments.

We have picked out a super August top 5. Because Lake Garda Trentino is the only place that encompasses thousand of colours, traditions and emotions, giving each holiday the perfect chance to be lived in its every aspect.

  1. Musica Riva Festival. From the 20nd July to the 4th August 2018, music marks the summer rhythm. Its elegant and first-class notes hit the whole Lake Garda during Musica Riva Festival , which suggests music shows from classical to contemporary, with world-famous artists. For the last twenty years this festival has been a synonym for substance and elegance, and the Garda Trentino shores create an unforgettable “postcard” for some timeless music.

  2. Rustico Medioevo in Tenno. The setting is impossible not to be noticed: the medieval hamlet of Tenno, among Italy’s most beautiful hamlets, and the event is among the most evocative and amusing in August. From the 4th to the 12th August 2018, everybody gets back to the past with shows, choreographies, jesters and troubadours who will tell the feudal life, now and then. Very tasty are the food booths with polenta and peveraa, a typical dish for Tenno.

    Top 5 events for your August in Garda Trentino Events

  3. Rock Master Festival. Climbing lovers from all over the world has been connecting up in the climbing capital, Arco in Garda Trentino, for many years. From the 27th to the 29th July 2018, a pacey programme of competitiveness and climbing events will rule the roost and the lake shores will get all the passion for climbing. Not only, the historical city centre of Arco will host the Rock Master Village with the most important climbing companies, while on the 25th August the Arco Rock Legends Awards will be held in the Casinò.

  4. Notte di Fiaba. The Sirenetta (Mermaid) will be the protagonist of Notte di Fiaba 2018 (August 23-26) , an event that has been absorbing thousands of tourists and local people for many years and is a source of enchantment for the little ones. Tidbits, workshops, games and tales for a long weekend that is reaching its peak with the most eagerly-awaited fireworks on Saturday night on the lake!

  5. Garda Jazz Festival. Let’s end this top-5 list with some mellow jazz notes that will enchant the whole Garda Trentino in different amazing spots, from the 27th July to the 11th August 2018. Arco, Torbole, Riva del Garda, on the beaches or in those spots where history speaks about itself, Garda Jazz Festival suggests two weeks of pure jazz armed with… emotions!

There’s no room for getting bored, from early morning to late at night, Garda Trentino is packed with not-to-be-missed events, welcoming both tourists and local people as only this land is able to do, and offering them the best of music, sport, gastronomy and much more.

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