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Three cliffs you will love at Garda Trentino, word of Ghisolfi!

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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Three magical places, three cliffs at Garda Trentino to fall in love at first sight…and at first step! The champion Stefano Ghisolfi suggests his favourite three!

Lake Garda Trentino is the birthplace of climbing.

There are many vias of every grade. Beginners and experts can both find the most adequate ones.

Mediterranean climate, breath-taking views, walls that seem to be created for your favourite sport… climbing!

Not a case if the international champions like Stefano Ghisolfi love this magical place. He has even chosen this land to be his home all year round.

Born in Turin in 1993, Stefano was the first Italian climber to climb a 9b+. He is member of the Polizia sports club and, after this achievement, he secured his place in the pantheon of all-time climbing greats. Other three people only has succeeded in climbing this grade; one of them is our Ambassador Adam Ondra.

Stefano is a champion on the rocks and in life. His passion never stops growing.

Stefano said that rock climbing is often a challenge with himself as it is a solo battle most times. Anyway, he said <<Challenges have always attracted me, especially those that are described as “impossible”>>.

Thanks to his winning attitude or to his love for the challenges, Stefano is perfectly at his ease in a place like Garda Trentino where there are so many new possible routes, cliffs and walls.

Stefano suggests three cliffs that is worth to climb. Here they are!

Beginner: Belvedere Cliff. According to Stefano, this is the best cliff for beginners because, besides its easy route, it offers incredible and unique views over Lake Garda. From both the bottom and the top of the routes you can admire the landscape and the underlying village of Torbole.

<<Sometimes I climbed the Belvedere to have a good time with some friends, although it was too easy for me>>.

Intermediate: This cliff is more difficult, for more skilled climbers. Stefano suggests Calvario Cliff in Laghel. <<The approach is comfortable and you can walk there from the centre of Arco. The beautiful wall is vertical and it offers from sixth to eighth grade routes, if you want to face something harder. Anyway, it is perfect for families too as you can sunbathe in the morning. If you want to climb, I recommend going there in the afternoon as the wall is in the shade>>.

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Advanced: For expert climbers, Stefano suggests Massone, the most famous cliff of Arco.

<<Actually it is good for intermediate climbers too, according to the sections, but what I like most are the most difficult routes, 9a+ in the Pueblo section. The strongest climbers of the world do love it. I like Massone cliff because there is always something new to do. It is so big and full of routes; I have gone there for years and I never get bored!>>.

The Pueblo cliff of Massone is outside the Outdoor Park Garda Trentino and for this reason you must face it carefully.

The Outodoor Park Garda Trentino includes twenty kilometres of territory, with the highest safety standards compatible with the practice of climbing on natural soil. Professionals equipped these cliffs and routes and they check them constantly.

Before facing any wall, consider your ability and the possible risks and never forget the necessary equipment. You see, you will fall in love with this place, as Stefano Ghisolfi did. You will feel champions like him, for a while.

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