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The top-5 list of the windsurfing events you can’t miss out on Lake Garda Trentino

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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Here you have the top-5 list of the windsurfing events you can't miss out on Lake Garda Trentino, to live a summer dedicated to sport and sun that kisses your skin!

The sail in your hands and the board under your feet. What are you doing? You are practising windsurfing , the iconic sport of Garda Trentino, the one that gives you the thrill to be an inch from the water on the ripples of Italy’s biggest lake, among high green mountains and a strong gentle wind on your face, to make you taste the desire for freedom and the summer sunlight on your skin.

The Garda Trentino shores are home to windsurfing, have you ever tried it out? Pushed by the two famous Garda winds, the Ora and the Pelèr, you could try to “scendere il vento” (Italian slang meaning that you sail downwind), admiring the surrounding beauty.

But if you are and athlete in your mind and less in your legs, you could just coo over the windsurfing champions competing in the most important competitions and events!

There is plenty of events you can’t turn down if you are windsurfing enthusiasts! We are here to suggest you a top 5 list with the… tailwind!

1. RRD One Hour Classic. Starting this year, during the big event Garda Wind Garda that will turn Garda Trentino into the “home of wind”, the Circolo Surf Torbole will host the One Hour Classic slalom regatta from the 16th to the 18th June 2017. Thousands of windsurfing lovers will be pulled in from all over the world! 100 competitors will start off together and… the winner goes to the one who scores the most sides in one-hour time! A competition at full blast!

2. Leg of the Italian Youth Slalom Championship. Make way for youth. And if they are talented, even better. From the 14th to the 16th July 2017, some budding talents will compete to cinch a compelling show that will make everybody know this amazing sport.

3. Trofeo Nogler. The Circolo Surf Torbole regatta will be held from the 13th to the 15th August, exactly in the hottest summer month. Sunbathing on the crowded, but always quiet, beaches you could enjoy the slalom (this is the discipline of the event) with competitors from all over Europe.

The top-5 list of the windsurfing events you can't miss out on Lake Garda Trentino Events Tips

4. RS:X Youth World Championship. More than 200 youngsters from 30 different countries will compete in and make us live an event fully devoted to windsurfing , among folklore, sport, energy and lots of fun for everybody! A special consideration for the environment as well, as the regatta will be entirely sustainable thanks to the use of recyclables.

5. Windsurf Grand Slam. From the 6th to the 15th October 2017 Circolo Surf Torbole gets magic for the most important windsurfing event in Italy, which comprises four Absolute National Championships in live streaming for all the enthusiasts!

These are only five events celebrating windsurfing. But after all, in Garda Trentino every day it is possible to celebrate that breeze, sometimes light and sometimes strong, that allows us to enjoy beautiful sunny days which are never muggy. That allows us to enjoy sports like sailing and windsurfing that fill the ripples of the waves with colours, making every moment on Lake Garda a perfect union of stamina and vitality, happiness and levity under the protection of Aeolus and his strong blast!

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