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The sounds of the Lake: the summer rhythm of Garda Trentino

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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The music marks the summer rhythm in Garda Trentino: from classical music to jazz, going to the beach parties on the sound.

The notes mark the summer in the Alto Garda area. The rhythm is the one of high-quality music… no matter the genre!

There are in fact a lot of music events we can enjoy on Lake Garda Trentino. “Musica è” an old Italian song said, we could go on with the sentence saying: music is… summer! What good season would be without the background notes?


Among the several events that characterize the hottest months (July and August) we have the Garda Jazz Festival, this year at its 17th edition, that will be held from the 28th July to the 12th August 2017. The composition? Traveling, to let everybody know and appreciate the most beautiful places in Garda Trentino with some enchanting and mellow notes as only jazz can release! Captivating sax notes seem to echo in every dazzling view on Lake Garda, while the emotions becomes more and more tangible!

The sounds of the Lake: the summer rhythm of Garda Trentino Events


Great fascination and emotion also for Musica Riva Festival, that offers two whole weeks (from the 22nd July to the 5th August 2017) packed with world-class concerts with special names of the classical music, like the great master Karabtchevsky. Together with it, a concert festival will be also held with the exhibitions of the teachers and the introduction of some young talents.


For those of you who would like to lose themselves in a five-day event devoted to music, nature and relaxation, the Mandrea Music Festival is impossible to miss out. Held on the hills around Arco, in a peaceful and relaxed oasis, it gives everybody the opportunity of having fun both in adventure parks and different workshops.

The music genres it offers range from folk to reggae, and the event is so much appreciated that it has been mentioned by some international newspapers (Telepraph, Grazia UK) as one of Europe’s best festivals!

The aim of the festival? The pacific interaction and coexistence among people!

The town festivals are more and more appreciated because they let everybody taste the local excellences and listen to some good music!

Lake Garda is also synonym for beach, relaxation and… party! There are lots of opportunities to dance and keep early hours on the beach, daydreaming in front of the unique and priceless view of Lake Garda at the moonlight!

My agenda in hand, I am ready to sacrifice myself for you and pop round every scheduled beach party in Riva del Garda, Torbole and so on. Actually, somebody has to do the hard work! I am already equipping myself with some sandwiches and snacks with carne salada, fresh plums from Dro and other local delicacies. After all, a music evening on the beach well deserves a cool picnic on the lake shores before, who is in?

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