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The most beautiful of all hamlets: Canale di Tenno

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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Canale di Tenno participates in the contest Il Borgo dei Borghi, that will declare Italy's 2017 most beautiful hamlet. Let's show your support voting on the Canale hamlet, a medieval gem nestled in the Garda Trentino mountains.

Until Sunday, the 2nd April 2017, you could choose for your favourite hamlet, or better saying, the most beautiful of all hamlets. Canale di Tenno in fact calls out other 19 hamlets, one each region, that will compete for the web users’ award. They will have the opportunity to put in their preference choosing “the most beautiful of all hamlets”.

The “competition” is among Italy’s most beautiful hamlets, and the RAI TV programme Il Kilimangiaro has come here in Garda Trentino choosing Canale di Tenno as the Trentino-Alto Adige representative hamlet in the competition against the 19 Italy’s most beautiful hamlets!

Canale di Tenno is part of an area – the Tenno municipality – included in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Network, and is the example of how a hamlet is able to fully integrate and melt all in one with nature. Respecting it, loving it, living it in its truest manifestation, year after year. And traditions, livelier than ever, bring forth a present where all past signs can be perceived. Forget the clock and the idea of time going by. You are in a place where time stood still, where space is holding between a gone past and a present that never turns into future.

The most beautiful of all hamlets: Canale di Tenno Culture

Its massive stone houses toil up the mountain side, and this medieval gem opens up in front of the visitors’ eyes while welcoming and hugging them in a comforting quiet that put your soul at ease.

Only few kilometers from Lake Tenno, an incredibly intense green-blue body of water, Canale is worth winning. We recommend you to choose it as the most beautiful of all hamlets, and not only because we love it from the bottom of our heart. But also because since 1211 this hamlet has been a real hamlet. The original meaning of this word is said to be fortified place. When looking at it, Canale di Tenno seems to be exactly this: a bear hug.

Bear, embracing, insuperable. Here the human warmth and the ancient traditions can be perceived in every narrow, winding and bendy alley. They have been built mainly with the salesà, some river pebbles. The position of houses creates galleries and narrow tunnels you can pass under to enjoy all the amazing glimpses Canale di Tenno is able to offer. Every alley, every church and dwelling seems to tell the visitor a story: the Casa degli Artisti (loosely, Artists’ House), created in 1967 (as a gathering place for painters and musicians), smells like creativity.

The Museum of the Craft Tools tells the story of simple men who have devoted their life to nature. Every single picturesque glimpse smells like history and… some of them also smell really good! If you think Canale di Tenno is only a past to dream about, you are wrong. It is a past that lives again and again, stronger than ever, evident, real, authentic. That smells of Peverada and Polenta.

Some good wine and the priceless view on Garda Trentino, only few steps from a medieval hamlet that has been keeping its fascination intact throughout the centuries. We are sure of that, Canale di Tenno is worth winning, here you can give your preference. After all, to us the biggest victory is being astonished by its beauty day after day.

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