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The Lake Garda cycle route is about to come true

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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You should wait a little bit more, but once finished, the cycle route connecting the whole Lake Garda will be a dream for the bike lovers (but not only). A dream signed by every province involved, in the name of a shared outdoor passion.

Its name is La ciclabile del Lago di Garda (Lake Garda cycle route) and it will win the heart of every bike lover!

Brescia, Mantova, Verona and Trento have signed an agreement to create a 140- kilometer circuit to ride by your bike.

Is your phantasy already running? Mine absolutely. And it is taking me on the shores of a lake brushed by the dawn lights in Riva del Garda towards Limone for example, or Malcesine, on the other side.

The Mediterranean climate of Lake Garda allows mild and agreeable temperatures also in the winter season, and the Lake Garda cycle route will enable you to experience the biggest body of fresh water in Italy in a slightly different way. Living it all day long riding your beloved bike!

An ambitious and impactful project that has different aspects in the provinces. Here in Garda Trentino the way chosen is the natural one, respecting mother nature and using the abandoned parts of the old western Gardesana consistently and effectively, in order to protect the environment from impactful creations.

The most breathtaking cycle route in Europe

Premises are there, the Lake Garda cycle route seems to be the most panoramic, evocative and breathtaking all over the continent! It will have different levels according to the stretches you face, but what is not going to change is the strong emotion you will get riding your inseparable bike.

There is a great number of (excellent) reasons to wait for the end of this ambitious project anxiously. Here you have some:

  1. Direct connections. Thanks to this project, the cycle routes in Trentino will be linked one with the other, to live a limitless emotion.
  2. CO2 emission reduction. The bicycle is an eco-friendly mean of transport, not impacting on the environment pollution. In this way, it helps the air to be fresher.
  3. It’s healthy. Go biking is healthy. It tones you up and make you burn off some calories. (that’s a good excuse to taste the delicacies made in Garda Trentino!)
  4. It’s good for your wallet. Have you ever thought about it? Go biking means not using the car, and so saving some pennies.
  5. It improves your mood and happiness. How not to be happy admiring the nature splendor? Covering this cycle route you will have the chance to bump into a blur of natural beauties, divided between water and high lush mountains.
The Lake Garda cycle route is about to come true Outdoor

You will also have the opportunity to go biking out-of-town, being safe on a cycle route.

The project will in fact be marked by uniform signs in every area, including the already existing town and provincial bikeways. Some paper material will also be available marking the local bikeways and interconnections.

Ready to hit the road “flying” on Lake Garda by bike in a short while.

At present, the precise date for the end of the works is expected to be 2021. After all, the best things are pretty long in coming. With your heart beating, the butterflies in your stomach, a smile on your face. Because a trip is always an emotion, and en plein air along the Lake Garda cycle route, the emotion will double!

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