Act One. Scene One. The Ora wind blowing fiercely, waves that have to be dominated standing upright on a board with a sail on the top of it. Its beat is the soundtrack. The scene includes a breathtaking landscape, high green mountains and the warm October sun. You are practicing windsurfing on the lake in Garda Trentino! Or rather, if you are quite lazy, you are…. only peering at the athletes’ mastery, strength, hardihood and passion. Those athletes who compete in the 10th edition of the Techno293 Junior and Youth World Championship

That’s the facts: from the 23rd to the 30th October you could spectate the youngest athletes of this sailing sport (participants are in fact from 9 to 17) and all their competitiveness while facing one against the other, armed with wind and sweat.

Here you have the numbers: some 500 athletes (this class has the highest number of members at present), an international jury composed by 6 referees, two 5-official race committees, two people in charge of the tonnage, and the International Class President.

Journalists and photographers will be ready to narrate and capture this 10-day event full of pathos, excitement, emotion and adrenaline. The programme is cramped with events, starting from the official opening ceremony with local authorities and later the first practice races! Athletes will get acquainted with Lake Garda waters ruffled by the Ora wind.

Techno293 Junior and Youth World Championship Events

Credits: Foto Fiore

Games, entertainment and… delicacies! At the end of every day, everybody could in fact taste some finger-licking pasta dishes and yummy local products! And eventually, wait for the last day to find out who rests with the yearned prize! The picturesque hamlet of Torbole sul Garda, its narrow alleys and the smell of the autumn nature will welcome you as the background of this exciting championship.

So now, let’s choose the package holiday that most satisfy your desire of experiencing the Techno293 Junior and Youth World Championship, and set off to discover Lake Garda, which is all to be lived, or better to be surfed upon the wings of the wind!