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Sleeping under the stars… in Garda Trentino

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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Have you ever thought about dreaming under the stars? Emotions are guaranteed for a holiday all in one with mother nature in one of the most beautiful places in the world: Lake Garda Trentino.

Sleeping under the stars surrounded by the lush nature of the Trentino region, and at the same time only a few steps far from Italy’s biggest lake: Lake Garda.

If you think that sleeping on a campsite is a synonym for discomfort or few comfort at least, you are totally wrong.

Falling asleep listening to the sound of nature

Let’s imagine you can sleep comfortably lying down in a tent, the gentle “cicada noise” as the soundtrack of your rest, and a light fresh and embracing summer breeze. A new way of falling asleep may be added to this special night: looking at the night sky! The constellations, the stars, the moon, maybe the full moon as well, and looking at yourself in the dark lake. And the awakening? Kissed by the sun and surrounded by the nature.

What are we talking about then? About spending a holiday staying in one of the manyfold campsites all over Garda Trentino!

A kind of easy holiday

It’s romantic and at the same time incredibly dazzling looking at the sky, at the planets and the stars, maybe properly equipped with a kit for real astronomers!

Opting for staying in a campsite is much more than just a money and eco-friendly choice to spend a holiday in the spirit of moderation. It’s a proper way of life!

The campsites in Garda Trentino are located close to Lake Garda and are surrounded by rich vegetation and thriving natural environment. The campsites offer a wide range of services: bike rental, windsurfing, canoeing, paddle boating and much more, no matter your choice: in a tent, with your camper or your caravan. A lot of campsites in Garda Trentino also offer some entertainment activities which are ideal for families with kids, but also bars and restaurants to comfortably enjoy some tasty dinners with our typical products.

Sleeping under the stars... in Garda Trentino Tips

Here you will find the complete list of campsites where to spend your holidays on Lake Garda Trentino. As for the rest, use your imagination!

The feeling you will get while sleeping in a tent surrounded by thousands of sparkling speckles is indescribable. Waking up with the first morning lights that gently warms up your skin, even more.

And when the dawn of a new day peeps out, the fresh breeze of Lake Garda will match with the emotion your eyes will live while looking at the vivid panorama just in front of you. And now, let your (camping) holiday on Lake Garda begin!

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