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Sipping a drink under the castle: top 5 aperitif bars in Arco on Garda Trentino

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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An aperitif with a Habsburg charm under the slopes of the castle of Arco: you'll be offered a sip of history, charm and happiness.

Chic, cheap, trendy. Whatever the type of bar you are talking about, an aperitif is always a pleasant refreshing break. And what if you could drink it under the slopes of one of the most romantic castles in the world, the castle of Arco? Well, I must admit that… you are very lucky!

Arco and its castle dating back to 1144 overlook the view of “la busa” (how the Garda Trentino area is named in the local dialect), making it unique all over the world. Precisely here, among winding alleys, rocky mountains and a very sporty atmosphere (Arco is world-famous for climbing, as the numerous climbing shops in the city centre prove), drinking an aperitif will be a treat you couldn’t pass up. We have listed 5 top bars in Arco, just for you. Five places where we really appreciate sipping good cocktails. But we are waiting for your personal ranking as well!

  1. Ai Conti. Break, fast and slow. This is their motto. Here, in a historic building (Palazzo Marchetti) which belonged to the d’Arco counts as well, it is possible to taste some aperitifs only a few steps from the main square, in a finely-restored historic dwelling. Breathing the air of the Arco aristocracy in an easy atmosphere will be great delight!

    Sipping a drink under the castle: top 5 aperitif bars in Arco on Garda Trentino Spring Summer Tips

    credits: Ai Conti di Arco

  2. Caffè Trentino. Straight on the central Piazza III Novembre, this historic bar with a great outdoor deck in front of the Collegiata (the main church in Arco) is the perfect chance to eat a sandwich quickly or to sip a drink, enjoying a central aperitif very close to the main shopping street.

  3. Free Master. From the main square we move along to Via Segantini. On the street named after the famous painter born in Arco it’s possible to go on a shopping spree! Lots of shops for climbing and the outdoor sports. And after so much “strain”, why not chilling out and sipping an aperitif? The Free Master, with its tiny outdoor tables and a shabby chic indoor atmosphere, is a perfect handy and energising break for us who are “fashion victims”!

  4. Chiosco dei Giardini. In the Arco public gardens, under some cool high trees, we find this bar-kiosk which is perfect to get away from the summer heat! It’s outdoor (but trust me, also in winter it’s a great pleasure to sip a spritz here if well wrapped-up!), and it’s possible to breath some fresh air and appreciate the environment tasting a good aperitif!

  5. Hotel Baia Azzurra. A spot of lake is also part of Arco municipality. In the Arco lido this wonderful lake-view facility allows you to taste an aperitif which is the “perfect excuse” to get away from the sun (the hotel is on the beach) or find some refreshment after a good lakefront run! The facility is also a delectable restaurant where you could eat a romantic lakefront dinner after the aperitif. Top!

These are our suggestions for five magical places where tasting an aperitif in Arco. And you, what have you tracked down while wandering around Lake Garda? I am ready to… sacrifice myself and try the other bars!

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