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Shopping on Lake Garda in Trentino: enjoy a tour among Made in Italy and typical products

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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Going from ateliers to specialized shops for outdoor sports and traditional artisan workshops, shopping in Garda Trentino has its own charm. Long live the Made in Italy!

Are you looking for your next holiday destination where you can combine exciting outdoor activities and relax on sun drenched and wind caressed beaches? Then Lake Garda is the perfect place for you! But there is much more than this. Lake Garda Trentino, on the uppermost tip of Lake Garda, is the most fascinating part of the whole area. From its impressive mountains to its long beaches, Lake Garda Trentino has much to offer. Start an unforgettable experience on the fabulous trekking and MTB trails at the foot of the mighty Alps. If you are more a water landscape lover, you won’t be disappointed either: many activities such as sailing, sup, windsurfing are available. Or just relaxing on the beautiful lake beaches is of course an option, too.

Lake Garda Trentino offers beauty in all its aspects: from the spectacular Ponale trail to the unique Made in Italy products that can be purchased in the whole area.

– And nobody could ever imagine a trip to Lake Garda Trentino without including some shopping, too!

You don’t need to worry if you think you can’t find what’s right for you. Lake Garda offers you a wide range of options: fashion, handcraf, food and wine excellences.

But if it is true that the best presents are emotions, why not surprising your beloved with an unforgettable experience (link now) in Garda Trentino?

A holiday in this slice of heaven becomes a double gift.

Sports shopping for champions

Shopping on Lake Garda in Trentino: enjoy a tour among Made in Italy and typical products Tips Winter
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If Lake Garda is well renowned for sport, its Trentino side is even more. In the fascinating town Arco with its rock – top castle, you can combine sightseeing, outdoor activities and sport shopping.

The main shopping street is named after the famous painter Segantini who was born right in Arco. In the never-ending succession of famous sport brands shops (dedicated in particular to climbing, as the town of Arco is the undisputed home of this sports discipline) you’ll definitely find some great deals, outlet stores and the equipment you had been looking for for ages!

Made in Italy fashion

Shopping doesn’t stop in Arco, though! Riva del Garda, Torbole and other towns in Garda Trentino have a lot to offer tofashion victims and all those who cannot resist to shopping during their holidays.

The historic centre of Riva del Garda and Torbole is definitely the right choice for your designer shopping.

Here you’ll find luxury ateliers and well-known designer shops with latest trend clothing and tailor shops with unique Made in Italy products. If you’re looking for an inimitable souvenir, then a visit to the small artisan workshops specialized in leather goods is surely worth it. Here you’ll find exclusive bags, jackets and belts handmade by skilled craftsmen. You’ll leave your friends speechless!

Food and wine shopping

Shopping on Lake Garda in Trentino: enjoy a tour among Made in Italy and typical products Tips Winter

But shopping means also good local food…especially in Italy! How can you resist to temptations of gluttony in the homeland of delicacies? Let’s delight your palate in the many typical shops both in the city centre and outside the walls. One of the peculiarities of Garda Trentino is the olive oil made from the world’s most northerly grown olives, beyond the 46th parallel. But the list goes on: broccoli from Torbole, carne salada (prepared according to an ancient recipe handed down over the centuries), lemons and wine! A gluttonous souvenir is the perfect gift to share with your closest friends!

Experiences, coupons and happy moments in Garda Trentino

Holidays are unforgettable emotions. Share incredible moments with those you love the most. Not just relax…but new experiences, too. In Lake Garda Trentino you’ll be spoilt for choice: going for a walk on a panoramic route such as Busatte-Tempesta, riding along the Ponale, the most famous cycling and walking trail in Europe, climbing a cliff in Arco, or discovering hidden glimpses on a sailing boat in Torbole.

No matter if you choose an outdoor experience or you just relax in a wellness resort: enjoy your holiday to the fullest! A shopping experience in Garda Trentino means being satisfied for having found that trendy dress you’ve always dreamt of or being joyful for an unforgettable sailing tour in the sun. Garda Trentino suits all tastes!

No matter if your visit is for an outdoor experience or some shopping… we don’t have any doubt: Lake Garda will make you happy!

Shopping on Lake Garda in Trentino

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