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Santa’s House in Riva del Garda: because everybody gets back to the childhood at Christmas

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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Santa lives in Riva del Garda. And the best ones could also attend an academy. Which one? The elves' academy!

Are you smelling freshly baked biscuits? Well, you have probably reached the Rocca in Riva del Garda, Santa’s house! The opening will be on the 30th November and until the 31st December 2019 you’ll have the chance to visit it in its whole warm Christmas spirit!

I’m coming with you, are you in?

To get to Santa’s house you must cross a wooden bridge at the Rocca’s main entrance. This stronghold is the perfect place to hide all the gifts before Santa turns them in to the receivers on his sleigh.

At the entrance, you’ll get to his post office. Here there’s a lot of epistolary volume! Thousands of letters from all over the world are waiting to be read. Going ahead, you’ll get to the planning unit, where the kids study the games, think about the materials and the colours… And then you’ll reach the production department, where a “fantastic machine” turns the kids’ desires into real gifts. It’s extraordinary, isn’t it?

Finally there is the throne room, the perfect place to listen to a great fairy tale narrated by Santa himself.

And if the tummy is rumbling in the afternoon, don’t worry: after having crossed the diversion rooms with the TruccaElfo and Natalina’s atelier, you’ll get to the Rocca inner courtyard and into Natalina’s Kitchen! Santa’s gentle friend is always focused on taking out some tidbits and delicacies for all the kids. Here you’ll taste the “Merenda dell’Elfo“: hot chocolate, tea and doughnuts to get your fill of stamina.

The Elves Academy – you can become an elf yourself!

Santa's House in Riva del Garda: because everybody gets back to the childhood at Christmas Events Winter
Casa di Babbo Natale – Accademia Degli Elfi

Cheerful and lively elf wanted! If you dream about becoming Santa’s helper, you are in the right place!

The world’s most renowned academy opens its doors to all the aspiring elves (here all the dates to sign up and get the qualified elf diploma) with games and funny activities.

What are the requirements for the admission?

1. being experienced in toys;

2. love for the animals, mainly those with long horns on the head!;

3. being under 12 years old.

Being you both aspiring elves or just Christmas lovers, you only have to come to Riva del Garda with us and visit Santa’s lake dwelling. Here you’ll wear a cap with some reindeer ears straight out from Natalina’s atelier, you’ll take a selfie (or better, a s-elf!) with funny accessories, and you’ll taste sweet tidbits in Natalina’s kitchen. What’s more? You’ll write you letter together with Franco Bollo, the “postman” helping elf, and Santa himself will be there to listen to your wishes. And if think Santa’s house is only for the little ones, you are wrong! Christmas means going back to your childhood, you remember that?

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