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Sant’Andrea Fair

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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On November, the 30th, more than 300 colorful and multifarious stalls will celebrate the patron saint of Riva del Garda.

Imagine to be in one of the most magical places all over Europe. A strip of northern land kissed by the Mediterranean currents and lapped by Italy’s biggest lake.

Where are you? In Garda Trentino! In case you decided to visit it at the end of November, more precisely on the 30th, you will have the opportunity to live the town of Riva del Garda at its autumn fullest and “dressed up” for the celebrations of its Patron Saint: Saint Andrew!

Stalls, lights and games for everybody

On this long day, from 7.30 am to 6 pm, around 300 stalls full to the brim with every kinds of products will in fact be waiting for hundreds of visitors who come here every year for this successful event!

What can you find there? Fairground for kids (the traditional carousels are pretty close to the Baltera exhibition centre) are waiting for the little ones to go wild while mum and dad think about the shopping they are about to do among the stalls. Traditional souvenirs, sweets and, as Christmas is around the corner, the Sant’Andrea fair is the perfect choice to move up and begin the search for the perfect gift to place under the tree!

The market will wind through the streets of the town centre, making Riva del Garda even more beautiful and richer. And stopping to look at a stall represents the perfect occasion to enjoy a glimpse, a vista that could escape the view. And with the right purchase, this occasion is worth twice!

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La Grande Festa del cioccolato artigianale: corsi di cioccolato, cooking show, degustazioni e molto altro ancora!

Saint Andrew, between legend and traditions

The patron saint of Riva del Garda, Saint Andrew, is a saint with lots of legends that date back to the dawn of time.

Among the apostles, he is the first we met in the Gospels and together with Riva del Garda he is also the patron saint of Scotland, Romania and of the fishermen (he was a fisherman himself).

There are tons of stories we could narrate about this saint but, after all, we like to tell about him with an event in his honor that aims at celebrating him modestly as the patron saint of Riva del Garda. A town which turns its natural beauties into its main feature, but that on the 30th of November dresses up with “mannerism” holding out a different self, more colorful, more cheerful and lively, for the real kids and the ones who have grown up a bit.

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