Santa Lucia is coming, the little ones’ wishes will become true in few days!

The gentle and benevolent saint comes with her loyal travel companion, the little donkey, as loudly as ever with the famous “strozeghe“. But what are these?


Santa Lucia: between cakes and traditions, the festival children love the most Events   The strozeghe, a term from the local dialect meaning “dragging”, “towing”, symbolise a row of cans tied together as a dragging, pulled by smiling eager kids.

The tradition says that the noise produced by those cans on the street has the purpose of grabbing Santa Lucia’s attention, so that she can remember to bring the long-awaited gifts to the kids during the night.

Usually the children are offered some different sweets and tidbits, but also toys, puzzles,dolls and all the wishes they pine to.

But if you want Santa Lucia to stop at your place, imperative is to leave some food on the window! Usually some oranges, biscuits, coffee, half a glass of red wine and some hay, or rather some mush (yellow flour) and salt or hay, for the donkey that carries the gifts.

On the 13th in the morning, when waking up, the kids find a place with oranges and biscuits that have been eaten, and to which some sweets and gifts have been added.


For this important Nordic tradition Garda Trentino becomes merrier than ever! In Arco, in the communities of Riva del Garda, in Nago, Torbole and in Cologna di Tenno, the town centres colour with folklore and start off the Strozegade. The kids run after the string of cans, and then Santa Lucia comes with her little donkey! Go ahead with hot chocolate and sweets for everybody then!

Here you will find out where you could experience the streghe with your children.

Santa Lucia: between cakes and traditions, the festival children love the most Events

To live Garda Trentino differently and make the little ones happy it is really great to lose yourself in the arms of the liveliest and strongest traditions, as this one of Santa Lucia on Lake Garda.

The kids have fun, the adults happily look at them, remembering how we were and realizing that after all, that awaiting kid is still here with us waiting to enjoy Santa Lùzia‘s gifts!