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Santa’s House Riva del Garda

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
santa house riva del garda - lake Garda
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A cosy lakefront house in the wonderful Rocca setting in Riva del Garda for Santa Claus and his wife Natalina with games, elves, treats and wishes!

Before the big night shift on the 24 December night, Santa gets ready for his Christmas journey, sort through the letters and enjoys his wife Natalina’s delicacies directly… at home! Where? In Riva del Garda, of course! In a lakefront dwelling, inside the luxurious Rocca decorated with warm Christmas lights.

Have you ever been there? Be careful kids, I’m talking to you. Mum and dad aren’t reading. Would you like to go and say hi to Santa and maybe bring your letter straight to him? From 2 to 30 December 2016 he is waiting for you open arms, and he will be really happy to welcome you together with his helpers, the elves, you can bet on it!

At the entrance, when crossing the Rocca wooden bridge, you will be thrusted out into Santa’s magic life, and Natalina’s as well, while she is busy baking cakes, tidying up the house and knitting something for a warm winter! Would you like to come with me on a virtual tour? Ready, put on some elf hats, let’s step in!


It’s here where the letters arrive from all over the world. The wishes don’t hold on the paper, they fly onto Santa’s sleigh pulled by his loyal reindeers and come true… if you have been good enough!


Here Santa’s helpers work busily to fulfill every need: decorations, presents, and so on. Creativity is an integral part of elves, and of you kids as well! Here you can let your phantasy run wild, using colours, scissors. glue and creating your works, one better than the other!

Let’s move on to another room… follow me!


This is the biggest room in the house and here, needless to say, Santa is waiting for you on his red throne to let you sit down on his legs and taste some tidbits like candies and chocolate. But he is always in a rush! And in case he is not there… you could just sit down on his throne and realise how it feels to be in his shoes for few minutes!

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A big, huge bed in the middle, and lots of toys. Once again, Santa si ready to gather all of you around him and… tell his fabulous stories! Elves, fantastic beasts, snow, far and wide travels. Santa has thousands of facts to tell you.


You won’t forget her, Santa’s wife, will you? There are some two rooms for Mrs Natalina: the atelier (where you could take a selfie, play the elf or the reindeer with some nice articles) and the kitchen. Santa’s belly says a lot about that, he is a real sweet tooth! And you? Here you could drink the best hot chocolate in the world, maybe with some marshmallows, and snack on the the sweetest treat ever, the elf’s one! (complete with the hat!) Many fragrant krapfen and a cosy surrounding atmosphere to taste them are waiting for you.

And if you dream about becoming elves, join in the Accademy! Are you under 12 and love toys? You are the ideal candidates for our special school! Courses last the whole weekend, with snacks, games and many more… but only the most dutiful apprentices will get the diploma in Qualified Elf.

I am already queuing to become a fully-fledged elf. Let’s meet up at Santa’s House and if you can’t find me, probably I’ll be in the kitchen helping Natalina. Eating chocolate, krapfen, biscuits and cakes, my belly will compete with Santa’s one!

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