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Sailing on Lake Garda: the most beautiful glimpses straight out from the lake

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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Boat, ferry or ship to go out discovering Lake Garda. Sailing is one of the most romantic ways to discover Italy's biggest lake.

There are plenty of means to discover Lake Garda, by car or by motorbike, by bike or maybe going on hiking following the high crown of Garda Trek.

Whatever the mean you choose to discover and live Garda Trentino, this will make you enjoy some fabulous views, unexpected landscapes, hidden spots you will photograph with your mind first and your camera then.

One of the means you could use to go on the look out for Garda Trentino is sailing: hydrofoils, ferries, motorvessels, catamarans. The choice is big, with faster transfers on modern hydrofoils, or slower transports on ferries that have made the history of sailing on Lake Garda.

Crossing Lake Garda on a ship

The noise of the engines, the wind, the slow move that takes you from town to town following the coastline and the high green mountains with your eyes.

The best part of traveling on Lake Garda by ferry is that you must take your time, enjoy the journey admiring the landscape, examining the slopes of the mountains that line the water. No hurry, only pure emotion.

Leaving from Torbole or Riva del Garda, it is possible to visit the villages of Malcesine, Limone, Torri del Benaco until reaching Sirmione southward.

The traveling time changes according to the boat: from Riva to Sirmione it will take you about 4 hours by ferry, while if you choose the fast hydrofoil you will gain about 1 hour, and so it will take you 3 hours sailing.

The Garda fleet

On holiday, the rhythm of life slows down and what better time to take some moments to discover the surrounding nature with a different and more accurate look? Some boats have really made the history of sailing on Lake Garda, as the Motonave Italia, constructed in 1908 and modernised in 1999. The furniture style is vintage, and all the maintenance works have kept the mode of the original furniture untouched. Traveling on this motorvessel is like traveling back in time and watching the modern times with the eyes of the past.

Sailing on Lake Garda: the most beautiful glimpses straight out from the lake Summer Tips

Not only Italia, there are a lot of motorvessels and ferries you could get on for your journey discovering Lake Garda: from the most “ancient” to the newest ones (with car carrier).

And why not, you could also rent them for your events or parties… maybe wedding parties!

Traveling on Lake Garda by ferry is the most natural way to discover this area and if you didn’t fall in love yet, you’ll have all the time to do it with the marked rhythms of a ferry. Glimpse after glimpse, romanticism improves and with it, all the love for an area to be lived, loved and breathed in every spot.

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