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Rustico Medioevo…living the middle ages in Canale di Tenno

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
Rustico Medioevo 2016 Canale di tenno
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Backto the past! Actually, the worldwide famous movie by Spielberg was titled Back to the future, because the protagonists were sent forward into the future, do you remember it? But as for me, I have always dreamed about going back into past times, instead of getting to know what will happen in the future. Well, the promoters of Rustico Medioevo in Canale di Tenno must have read my mind because the emotions of the Middle Age have been reliving in one of the most amazing hamlets of Garda Trentino for the last 30 years.

Here, shows with actors, dancers, minnesingers and costumed street artists remember the feudal way of living of knights, ladies and jesters! From the 6th to the 14th of August 2016, from 12.30 to 10.30 pm you could enjoy yourself thanks to this dip into standards and torches,but also (and mainly) into typical local delicacies (from polenta, or cornmeal mush, to peveraa, made with sausages and black pepper, a lot of black pepper, and also mouthwatering cakes!). To be honest, it is possible to feel the medieval vibe not only during Rustico Medioevo! Tenno and the hamlet of Canale are like suspended in that era, in its most authentic allure. It seems like time is moving slowly here, as if Tenno brought you in a parallel dimension when walking along one of the alleys entering the hamlet from the main road.

Rustico Medioevo…living the middle ages in Canale di Tenno Events

Flowering stone balconies, houses with distinctive wooden railings, small squares and paved alleys where the clock still keeps that past time, that celebrated and breathed Middle Age which is relived in this longed-for festival, where the bond between food traditions and history keeps on being alive in a mutually dependent reality. Art, poetry, street shows, recitals, concerts, choral music, dances: everything reminds us of the splendors of a past that is gone, but still lives, stronger than ever, thanks to the passion of those who have decided to breathe new air into a very important part of our history and culture.

The same culture that allows us to enjoy one of the most beautiful hamlets in Italy. On the same movie line, its impossible not to remember the well-known movie Non ci resta che piangere” (Nothing left to do but crying), in which the incredible duo Troisi – Benigni are sent back in 1492, taking a secondary road! During Rustico Medioevo you will fell exactly like the protagonists of this film without forking out a florinexcuse me, a Euro, for the ticket!

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