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Rustico Medioevo: where the time stood still and everything smells of tradition

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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In the evocative hamlet of Canale di Tenno, where the clock marks the time of the middle age, one of the most beautiful events about the jester era takes place: Rustico Medioevo!

Rustico Medioevo – Canale di Tenno 12th to the 20th of August 2017

Every year, the picturesque and evocative hamlet of Canale di Tenno, listed among Italy’s most beautiful hamlets, celebrates the medieval time with an event that has every flavour and vibe of the middle age.

The longed-for event, Rustico Medioevo, will make you recollect this historical period thanks to typical costumes, choreographies, standards and medieval delicacies, lighting up the narrow winding alleys with torches, and preparing the traditional food.

Rustico Medioevo – Canale di Tenno: a perfect match

This year the event will take place from the 10th to the 18th of August 2019, with celebrations scheduled from 12.30 to 10.30 pm.

Around narrow cobbled alleys, porticos and small stone houses which stand very closed one to the other, you will enjoy some medieval vibes rich in strong emotions.

Jesters, troubadours waving their flags, characters from the past will come to life with markets, carousels and shows of illusionists, fortune tellers and ventriloquists.

Surrounded by a breathtaking backdrop, as the one Garda Trentino offers, and only a few steps from the small and stunningly -blue Lake Tenno, Rustico Medioevo will make you recollect and taste the feudal time through its arts and crafts, and a cheerful atmosphere.

Rustico Medioevo: where the time stood still and everything smells of tradition Events

The hamlet opens up to tourists, visitors and local people with a week characterised by magic and folksy Middle Ages: melodious concerts of medieval music and… Torte e Balconi – flowering balconies (do you know that the best will be awarded?) and lots of yummy cakes that will compete to become the tastiest, the most genuine and the most… medieval! And with the cake auction, the taste of the food gets together generosity! The raised will be given to charity.

The real protagonist of the tables laden with food at Rustico Medioevo is the Peveraa, a typical dish that is used to be sided by generous portions of polenta – every evening from 7 pm – and other dishes, rigorously traditional. Because the Middle Ages in Canale di Tenno isn’t fictional; here everything speaks, breath and live in an area that has always fascinated and enchanted those who, once in Tenno, couldn’t avoid keeping this place in their heart forever and ever!

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