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Rock Master Festival: the climbing world at the feet of the Castle of Arco

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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Rock Master Festival is about to start, and thousands of enthusiasts are coming from all over the world to participate in the climbing centrepiece.

From the 24th to the 27th August 2017 the Rock Master Festival is opening its doors and the pacy programme for every climbing lover will start: being you both passionate fans of our ambassador Adam Ondra or only curious about climbing, everybody is welcome in Arco to get the poignant vibes of those who reach the top challenging the most unreachable heights with excitement and sweat.

A long weekend, all about climbing

Cramped with scheduled events you can’t miss out, Rock Master Festival involves the whole climbing community, from under-14 young champions to the World Cup champions, to the Rock Master top ten athletes, until those who love, follow and get into the several champions who come to Garda Trentino for this not-to-be-missed festival, even if they are not practicing the discipline. At this point, it is a real essential point of reference for every climbing fan.

On Thursday, the 24th of August the competitions for the youngsters (from 5 to 13) will start with the Rock Junior Boulder competitions.

Rock Master Festival: the climbing world at the feet of the Castle of Arco Events

Following that, on Friday the 25th and Saturday the 26th, teams from all over the world will have their champions opposed in the Speed and Lead competitions of the Climbing World Championship, while the best boulder champions will face in the KO Contest. To end up this intensive Saturday, the amazing Duel competition will award the 2017 Rock Master title.

On Sunday, it’s again time for the youngsters to take on the Rock Junior Lead and Speed competitions, family climbing and Family Rock.

Climbing and much more at the Rock Master Village

Those of you who are not much willing to climb, but are really eager to share and breath the “free and natural” air of this sport, can stop over at Rock Master Village, in the historical city center of Arco. It is the first “after-climbing” event in history, a gathering and meeting place conceived as a village with tens of wooden stalls packed with items for climbing and other outdoor sports.

That’s the perfect chance to get to know the latest trends of specialised businesses, but also to meet the athletes, confront each other and share both emotions and sensations about this shared passion for climbing, listening to music as well! Some great music, joy and glee won’t miss, that’s sure! On Saturday night, it’s time for a live concert of Siete Venas, a Rock Band from Patagonia.

For those who would like to put on the line, on Sunday the 27th they could take part in the Arco Street Boulder, along the city center. And this year you could even bump into a Nobel Prize! The Scottish physicist Mike Kosterlitz, the 2016 award winner is in fact a climbing lover as well, and will be the climbing ambassador during the 2017 Rock Master.

Lots of news then, and emotions to live at full speed!

You’ll find me there, sipping a beer and observing the athletes’ strain! After all, also raising up your glass is a sport… isn’t it?

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