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Rock Master Festival 2016 in Arco Lake Garda Trentino

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
rock master festival 2016
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From the 26th of August to the 4th of September 2016 the best of rock climbing will be performed in Arco, a sport in which adrenaline and sweat rule the roost: we are talking about the Rock Master Festival, at its 30th edition this year. It is a date to be saved for many enthusiasts who come to the Garda Trentino area year after year from every corner of the world. Why? To attend a sport show that makes everybody dream thanks to the cliff thrill! This event, full of sweat and pathos, is going to be the perfect occasion to meet the climbing prodigy and Garda Trentino ambassador: Adam Ondra! The partnership with the Czech champion is the crowning achievement of a journey started off in 2009 and that has developed more and more, providing every kind of enthusiast manyfold different opportunities for those who are not… afraid of heights! Once in our area, the climbers could experience a unique offer devoted to rock climbing: there are in fact several practice areas within less than 10 kilometers on 13 under-control cliffs.

Rock Master Festival 2016 in Arco Lake Garda Trentino Events

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Especially Arco has been celebrating this sport for the last thirty years with a proper Festival, the Rock Master, which is an eagerly-awaited event for both enthusiasts and insiders to share the passion for climbing! It won’t be possible only to watch different competitions and shows, but also to meet the athletes, Ondra first and foremost, to chat and dream with them! As usual, the Festival is also an occasion to get to know the latest news about the sector, the latest products and all the must-haves to go into the most exciting outdoor activity it exists! Anyway, if you are just thinking about a face to be climbed, you are completely wrong. Rock Master Festival is a true town, or better a village. Downtown Arco will in fact turn into Rock Master Village, with dozens of wooden stalls hosting the main companies specialized in climbing and outdoor sports.

The program flushes with not-to-be-missed events: not only competitions (two Climbing World Cups, Lead and Speed, the Rock Master Duel, the Rock Master Boulder, and the two rock climbing Oscars, or rather the Arco Rock Legends and the Rock Junior for the kids!), but also moments of musical entertainment (do you like afro music?), live music and even more: street artists, bouncy houses and also a painting course for kids! Rock Master Festival is really for everyone and for every age: evidence that once again Garda Trentino is able to offer and satisfy everybody… even those who are waiting for this event only to ask Adam Ondra for an autograph, just as I am!

SUMMARY: For every enthusiast, a not-to-be-missed event is taking place from the 26th of August to the 4th of September in Arco: the Rock Master Festival.

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