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Road bike around Lake Garda Trentino

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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Garda Trentino offers the road bike enthusiasts stacks of opportunities to train around the area of Italy's biggest lake, even in winter.

Not only mountain-biking! Garda Trentino treats the manyfold road bike enthusiasts with countless bikeways and opportunities to ride your beloved bike among amazing glimpses and vast landscapes.

The tarmac sound on thin wheels, speed and lightness, perfumes that run at your nose, moving quickly with a strong sense of freedom only the bike is able to convey!

The combination of Mediterranean climate, cycle lanes and perfectly-maintained quiet roads makes your physical training by road bike as notably fair on the Garda Trentino shores.

Thanks to the surrounding mountains it is also possible to train on different levels and slopes to work out and try out both lungs and muscles!

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Many bikeways to take on by road road bike! The most audacious athletes could take on the challenge of… traveling all Lake Garda round! During the cold season, well-equipped with the right equipment, it is more pleasant to go biking around the lake, taking advantage of the little congestion you will meet. In 4 hours you’ll cope with the ultimate training!

What is essential in the first place is always the safety: so remember lights, reflectors, and so on! Although in winter it is not so bustling, the Gardesana road is always rather dangerous. For this reason, better to choose some other routes from May to mid-October!

Among the medium-level road bike trails there is also the one from Riva del Garda to the enchanted Lake Tenno, with its crystal clear water that will make you daydream! It’s also impossible to forget the trail around Cavedine Valley and the legendary Charly Gaul ascent up to Mount Bondone!

There are really a lot of bikeways to choose to improve your breath, muscles and stamina with your road bike as a loyal companion!

You can’t miss out the Salite da Mito (loosely, legendary ascents)! The greatest ascents in Trentino, included in the Giro del Trentino and Giro d’Italia, and selected by some experts like Moser and many others. Among them, there is the ascent to our Mount Stivo, you definitely can’t miss it out! Leaving from Arco, once on the top you will be welcomed by a stunning view: on your right, Arco Castle, in front of you, Mount Brione, and Lake Garda on the background.

The Garda Trentino roads are packed with road bike competitions.

After all, there has to be a reason if also the Giro d’Italia passed by Garda Trentino shores… and you, are you ready to build up some iron legs, strong lungs and a lion heart? The greatest Garda Trentino views are waiting for you on your beloved road bike!

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