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Rivetta. Discover Garda Trentino sans souçi

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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Rivetta. A sweet-sounding name recalling the shores of the marvellous Lake Garda and one of its most beautiful and famous locations, Riva del Garda. It is a free shuttle that both the inhabitants, commuters and tourists can take to easily move around Riva del Garda without using cars. A sustainable way to live such a wonderful place!

An eco-friendly service

How does this green&cheap transportation service in Riva del Garda work? Easy. You just need to reach Baltera, at the parking near Palafiere – follow the road signs or google Rivetta Easy Parking to get at it. Park your car and wait for the shuttle – a ride every 12 minutes! This year they have increased the number of the rides to let you comfortably enjoy this service. More than 60 rides every day from July 1st to September 1st, from 7:50 to 20:32. The departure point is Baltera. There you will find two lines. One goes to the very heart of Riva, from the extraordinary Piazza Catena in front of the lake to Viale Dante, the shopping street. The other passes near the centre and reaches the beach!

Riva del Garda for everyone

This service is dedicated to all of you and… especially to the environment. The quality of the air, stress, time and money we need and consume are not irrelevant matters. We, the inhabitants, can move in Riva del Garda without using our car so we can spare time and money; the commuters can leave their car at Baltera parking without paying and take the shuttle prior withdrawal of the parking insignia.

Tourists can reach the beach or wandering around Riva del Garda and its beauties alone or with friends and family comfortably sitting on a free shuttle (in this case, you must pay 3 euros to park your car all day!).

Get ready with your smartphone to take awesome pictures, enjoy your time on the shuttle with your kids or your partner, read a book and have fun at Lake Garda as you have never done before. Get ready for a super happy holiday at Garda Trentino!

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