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Picnicking with charm. At Garda Trentino, yummy baskets full of food and breath-taking views

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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A zero-kilometre picnic? Here, where the green nature meets the crystal-clear water of Lake Garda, you can. A relaxing and gourmand breaks turns into the occasion to taste typical food surrounded by eternal landscapes.

Someone wants it chic, others in a rural style, others basic and others… overblown! It is the picnic basket. 

Imagine a sunny day, a pleasant temperature – here, at Garda Trentino, the climate is Mediterranean hence, such days are common. Imagine a blanket, two glasses of good wine from Trentino, 0-km tasty and fast-to-eat food and privileged views. 

A real picnic with charm!


Here are the best locations for your ideal picnic, but give us some other ideas, too!

Picnicking with charm. At Garda Trentino, yummy baskets full of food and breath-taking views Most Popular Articles Spring Tips
  • Next to the lake. We knoe you love our beaches all year round. Baia Azzurra in Torbole, Porfina, close to Porto San Nicolò, or Punta Lido close to the centre of Riva. A picnic on the beach is so romantic. Imagine a white tablecloth, two glasses of Teroldego and bruschette with carne salada cruda and flakes of grana cheese. 
  • Picnic with a view, on Monte Brione. First you have your picnic, then you burn calories. Monte Brione is a must. The view over Lake Garda is total – if the sun shines you are even able to see the opposite side of the lake and if you want to stay there longer you can enjoy an awesome sunset. Bring a backpack with you and put some god food into it: the finger food is ready! Sandwiches with smoked trout, already-cut cheese and some plums of Dro, the perfect combination with the malga cheese. 
  • 50 shades of… emerald. Picnicking at Lake Tenno. A turquoise pearl in the green nature of Tenno. Here you must eat some carne salada, so try it raw or in a roulade with some malga ricotta and the walnuts of Bleggio! 
  • Picnicking with history at Castel Penede. A rarefied atmosphere on the ruins of a castle built in 1200, a castle that endured the happenings of the War of the Spanish Succession. The French soldiers ransacked and destroyed it in 1703 and started deteriorating since then. Anyway, today the ruins of this castle is the perfect place for a legendary picnic. Your picnic basket must contain the broccoli of Torbole. The best recipe? A savoury pie with cream of broccoli and olives of Garda! Super yummy! 
Picnicking with charm. At Garda Trentino, yummy baskets full of food and breath-taking views Most Popular Articles Spring Tips

Royal Picnic: at the Castle of Arco. The green lawn of the Lizza seems to be an ideal place to relax on its fragrant and soft mantle admiring the historic center of Arco all around and the imposing Mount Brione in front of us. Here it will be very pleasant to sip a good glass of Trentodoc and taste some appetizers based on 0 km products at the foot of the castle! But this “royal” picnic will also allow you a nice invigorating walk to reach your destination. The path to the castle is in fact one of the most beautiful in all of Garda Trentino. The scent of olive trees will be there during this easy walk that from the historic center of Arco will make you climb through wonderful views (especially at sunset) to the ancient manor.

Any season is perfect for a picnic at Garda Trentino. In spring, when the flowers show their bright colours, in autumn when the foliage gives its best, in summer – under the moonlight is even better – when you can have your bath in the lake and even in winter, when spending some time outdoor becomes a real panacea. 

Along with a green and panoramic location, the real picnic first delights your palate then your view. 

To buy the excellences of Garda Trentino – molche, plums of Dro, broccoli of Torbole, cheese, carne salada, cold cuts and the extravirgin oil of Garda – come to Agraria. Who wants the meal ready can enjoy the fantasy of some hotels (Hotel Luise o Hotel Du Lac et Du Parc) as, if you spend your holiday there, they will prepare you a basket super full of delicious food – cold pasta, fruit salad and other tasteful products to have lunch in the open air!

These were our suggestions. Now you just need to bring a touch of happiness with you and enjoy your picnic at Garda Trentino and the company of your friends and family members. 

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