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Pet – friendly holidays on Lake Garda

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
Pet - friendly holidays on Lake Garda
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If your dog is a member of your family, and you don’t want to leave him at home, Garda Trentino offers you the opportunity to stay together while admiring our stunning landscapes!

We can judge the hearth of a man by his treatment of animals. This is what Immanuel Kant augured, underlining a person’s greatness when taking care of a four-legged friend. And we could also extend this saying to… a place! Pet – friendly holidays in Garda Trentino are a unique occasion to be happy and cheerful together with our furry friends!

Many accommodation facilities (from hotels to campsites to vacation rentals) provides both Rover and his “human parents” with a relaxing and funny dog-friendly holiday! Let’s imagine long strolls along the lake shores with your friend in a convenient place. Where? In the new Bau Beach, in Torbole (with some restrictions) and around the Ledro Valley: convenient beaches where it is possible to let your dogs run happily and cheerfully.

Pet - friendly holidays on Lake Garda Tips

Not only lakefront, the pet – friendly holidays and the long strolls wind also through the downtown alleys, along manyfold cycle lanes, following the Sarca River flow and along the mountain paths surrounding Garda Trentino. Many opportunities to practice sport in the open air and take pleasure in looking at the happiness in the eyes of your furry friend… and yours as well! The one on the Garda shores is definitely a pet-friendly holiday, dog- and owner-oriented. Moreover, if necessary, professionals such as vets and animal experts could give you assistance and support.

Nowadays, dogs are considered full members of the family and spending a summer holiday without them is indisputable for many people! Holidays are also an occasion to mingle with a place and its inhabitants, both for us and our pets; deciding where to spend our vacations taking Rover into consideration is consequently essential. Let’s give him our all our attention, our love and our dog will give us everything as a thank you for that: he will fill up our life with that unconditional love we didn’t know before.

Are you ready to admire the biggest body of water in Italy surrounded by impressive peaks with your beloved friend wagging next to you? The only thing you have to do now is packing your luggage with all you need and let yourself be enchanted by the perfume of the olive trees and lush landscapes… even Rover agrees!

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