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Omkafè: roasting on Lake Garda Trentino

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
Omkaè la torrefazione del LAgo di Garda Trentino
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Drinking a great cup of coffee isn't only a daily routine, but if you pay a bit of attention we'll take on a proper journey sip after sip. A journey that will take us discovering the culture and history of a region and its people. Thanks to its experiential museum, the Omkafè roasting company will take us living the origins of coffee, its idols and legends that lead directly to Arco in Garda Trentino!

Black, hot, invigorating, essential to start off the day, or even get out from your bed! For some of us, drinking coffee seems quite mechanical, a gesture that recurs day after day, often more than once a day.

Anyway, have you ever stopped to think that in that cup there aren’t only few millimeters of a black boiling drink? There is also the history and the traditions of the peoples who grow it to bring it straight to our table.

Coffee like wine and oil

Like the wine and the oil, even the coffee has its own world and every kind of coffee, every blend is different from the other, having a further complexity: before being served, it has to be worked by someone who is in charge of preparing it to fill our mouth.

All these features and aspects of the coffee world live in Garda Trentino thanks to Omkafè.

Omkafè was created in 1947 thanks to the dream of its founder Ottorino Martinelli and his wife Maria. Later on, it will be time for their children to continue the family passion, keeping its artisan essence up to these days. Until Lorenzo Martinelli, the founder’s grandson who nowadays protects the family company with perseverance and creativity, bringing it to higher and higher levels. Creating the experiential museum we have visited for you.

As Lorenzo has explained us, coffee is not only a drink to “sip” to stay awake or on long working days, it is also a proper journey around the world. Because the history of coffee goes back to the plantations in the great equatorial areas from South America to Asia, and the flavour of coffee changes according to the terroir, as it happens for wine and oil as well. The journey continues into the different roasting companies that skillfully settle on the blend (a mixture of different kinds of coffee beans) and the bean roast level . All these elements together with the skills of those who prepare the coffee give birth to the invigorating drink we sip every day at the bar nearby, unknowingly.

Experiential coffee museum.

To make the “journey” behind your cup of coffee know, Omkafè has recently launched the experiential museum dedicated to its history. Why experiential?

Because it is a proper experience that ends up with the best moment: when we can taste a cup of top-notch coffee, made with love.

The museum is a place where the visitors can see the different phases of the coffee brewing first-hand. Finding out the growing areas, seeing and smelling the several roast levels and understanding the changes in the colour and the relative perfumes.

Thanks to a game with 50 questions, you can learn everything about coffee (actually, you’ll find out that you didn’t know that much about that!) while having much fun.

Behind a red curtain, there we get to the most important part: the brewing area, where it is possible to see the machinery and the processes for the production of the “headiest perfumes ever”, that gives us vitality and stamina to take on the day.

Our journey ends with the tasting of eight different kinds of coffee, as a sort of “summary” of what we have learned during the visit in the museum.

Talking to Lorenzo about his several trips all over the world on the look out for the top quality, you really fancy understanding better. Changing completely our approach to coffee, to its consumption en passant.

Because it’s obvious that coffee is firstly a mental trip. On the look out for some perfumes, flavours, traditions, hands dirty with soil and sweat. A journey that sets off at Omkafè in Garda Trentino, passes by your mouth, and reaches your heart!

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