Three, two, one… Bang! The moment everybody longed for in the Notte di Fiaba in Riva del Garda is here. Up in the night sky, thousands of lights and colours have brightened up the dark lake waters. And the town, full to the brim with local people and tourists, has turned into a huge open air show!

The awaited firework display hasn’t been the only protagonist of this magic fest for kids and adults, though. Everyone in the city centre was electrified and engaged by this four-day event, and the crowd has been carried away in a whirlwind of fun and magic along alleys and squares. The last weekend of August hauled everybody in the mellow Eastern vibes depicted in Aladdin and the Magic Lantern’s adventures.

Thanks to the Lupus in Fabula acting company we have laughed, clapped our hands, we have felt part of a… fairytale! There have been more than 100 shows, ranging from music, theater, kids workshops, ballet, exhibitions, concerts, to themed stalls in the Parco del Broglio, street food vendors who animated via Roma, and last but not least high quality food and wine specialities (the Agraria Riva del Garda winery has also launched a special Merlot – Collezione Apponale wine bottle for this event). Oh, and much more!

Notte di Fiaba - Riva del Garda brings back wonderful childhood memories traveling through fairytales Events

We have had a proper Viaggio nella Fiaba (Fairytale Tour), and this gave us the opportunity to discover and live Riva del Garda as never before, following the guiding light of the chosen tale.

A lot of tiny stages setting the most important story scenes have vivaciously narrated the fairy tale: the sultan’s palace, the Agrabah market, the desert and the entrance to the cave of Wonders, Jasmine’s rooms. Where? On squares, under arcades, along alleys around Riva del Garda, where the actors performed at full voice telling the facts with emotion and excitement!

We have strolled around the town among gags, reinterpreted modern songs and some unscheduled skits, in a light-hearted mood giddy with happiness, fun and romance (Aladdin and Jasmine are so sweet!) and finally, the fireworks!

Notte di Fiaba has surely been the centrepiece of the summer in Garda Trentino, revealing record numbers of visitors (and dreamers as well!) who took part in the most fantastic weekend it exists with their eyes in awe!

On Aladdin’s magic carpet, also the 2016 edition of Notte di Fiaba has gone away, but we are ready for the new one. What? Sherlock Holmes, the great English private detective created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, will be the protagonist of the 2017 edition. Will it be a new, huge success? Elementary, my dear Watson! While waiting for the astute detective to blow the lid off his arcane secrets, let’s take a last ride on Aladdin’s carpet to enjoy the wonderful landscape of Garda Trentino. After all, the real magic is the beauty around us!