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New Year’s eve on Garda Trentino

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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Let's toast to celebrate the last day of the year. Where? In one of the most beautiful places in the world: Lake Garda Trentino.

The last night of 2016, the richest in emotions and great expectations has a different flavour. We commit our dreams and hopes to it.

The 31st December has a difficult task: fulfilling our most hidden desires.

Saying goodbye to the old year (a bit battered we should say) and welcoming 2017 doesn’t mean only toasting altogether, but also chasing away the sadness, making room for some happiness, a new love (or confirming the old one), pulling faces to those who have hurt us (the classic raspberry will be fine!) and also kissing passionately your man or woman because if you kiss on New Year’s Eve, you’ll kiss all year round, you know! And so, it’s even more important where you will spend this day!

Have you got some ideas? We do have some for you! There are no better ways to welcome the new year than on the Trentino shores of Italy’s biggest lake, are there? The famous online search engine for travels and hotels, Trivago, indicates Riva del Garda as the ultimate destination for New Year’s Eve!

Whether you would like to celebrate in a trendy hotspot or on the square in the moonlight, there are tons of opportunities to take.

But midnight is rather faraway and we should fight against the bitter cold with some good food!

Shall we start with a pre-dinner drink? Why not choosing some mulled wine as the right beginning to the dinner, and hence take a stroll around the Arco Christmas markets? They are up beyond New Year’s Eve, until January the 6th!


A ride on the donkey for the little ones, a last-minute gift for that last aunt and it’s already time to eat dinner! Many restaurants around Garda Trentino offer scrumptious traditional dishes: carne salada, green broccoli from Torbole, trouts, arctic chars, all basted by the DOP extra virgin olive oil and sipping some excellent wine. We already feel happy! And if you rather prefer to whet in the open air, Di Gusto in Gusto is waiting for you with many delectable 100% made in Trentino dishes, both before and after the high point.

New Year's eve on Garda Trentino Events

Better to hurry up now, midnight is almost here! If you love some special effects, you can’t miss the fireworks display in Riva del Garda. Smartphone in your hand for those who are social-addicted, or just a dreaming gaze for the “old school”, the fireworks on the lake leave both adults and kids breathless.

The young dance lovers will have the opportunity to get loose after midnight and dance until late in the night at HOP, the coolest New Year’s Eve party. Just go to the Palameeting exhibition center in Riva del Garda and enjoy some special dj sets, like Lush & Simons, Andy Love, Kharfi and Matic.

If you are brave and plucky enough, you could celebrate (again!) on the 1st January on Piazza III Novembre in Riva del Garda, with the traditional dive into the lake.

And if it’s true that cold weather keeps young, in 2017 wrinkles will be just a memory! If this was the wish you made at midnight, be sure you are off on the right foot!

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