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Music events on Lake Garda Trentino

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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There are several beaches where its possible to chill out kissed by the sun; there are lush mountains and unspoiled woods to stroll out; there are sport activities to keep fit in the open air enjoying the priceless view of Lake Garda. And what about the night? What can we do? Garda Trentino can answer this question satisfactorily, no doubt about that! It will draw you into manyfold special events and days dedicated to music! Notes will be the leitmotif of your life, marking the summer beat! There are really many events you couldnt say no to. Shall we start with a quick overview? (I have already a front-row seat!).

If you are lovers of the Afro-American music, as I am, you cant miss the Garda Jazz Festival , from the 29th of July to the 13th of August 2016; this event will surely fire our lake up with saxophones, trumpets and all the other instruments which have contributed to make this musical genre famous all over the world. Tasting local delicacies and surrounded by a party environment, you could admire the most amazing glimpses of the Alto Garda district (the traveling formula will kick off a real blur of noteson the road, again!).

Music events on Lake Garda Trentino Events

Do you love jazz, but your dream has always been playing for the Vienna Philharmonic? For classical music enthusiasts there is the 60th concert season with the Gruppo Concerti Bolognano: musics by Bach, Albinoni, Rachmaninov and many more! To stick on the same topic, the MusicaRivafestival will take place in Riva del Garda; a well-known event in the European classical music panorama that offers the opportunity to participate in high-level music masterclasses. The teachers are among the greatest internationally-claimed instructors and performers. The course on orchestra leading, held by the famous MAESTRO Isaac Karabtchevsky is surely not to be missed. I already feel like Callas, arent you?

Anyway, summer means also music on the beach! And Lake Garda wont disappoint anybody. The youngsters could in fact enjoy the music mixed by well-known artists and DJs on every Friday night until the 26th of August! Where? In the wonderful background of the Foci del Sarca in Torbole. The event called Sideout will make you dance like a jitterbugger very close to the fresh lake waters. It’s an experience you cant renounce to!

For a nice walk along a road instead, you can choose to take Viale Rovereto in Riva del Garda for the occasion closed to traffic, where many musical groups are waiting for you from 18.30 to 24.00. A wonderful opportunity for an evening of  fun and joy! X-Strada will always return in Viale Rovereto August 15!

These are only some of the most enthralling musical splendours in Garda Trentino! Many more are waiting for you here, to live the summer season lulled by the lake waves

To the beat of music!

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