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Mountain refuges – Garda Lake Trentino

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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Looking up at sunrise and sunset, observing the stars shining up in the sky, enjoying the landscape of an awe-inspiring lake from the top of a breathtaking peak after a long hike into the woods and finally, taking delight in the refuge hospitality! Garda Trentino offers several facilities at different altitude, depending on how much you are up to challenge the peaks! From Rifugio San Pietro (Mount Calino) at 1000 meters above the sea level, to Capanna Grassi and Rifugio Pernici (Bocca di Trat), passing through Rifugio Prospero Marchetti (Mount Stivo) and Malga San Giovanni (San Giovanni), until reaching Rifugio Damiano Chiesa (Mount Altissimo) (here the list of all the facilities). These places (connected by the the “Corona Alta del Garda Trentino”, the new hiking route of Garda Trentino) are not only perfect occasions to have something to eat and drink after a long hike into the unspoiled surroundings, but also a not-to-be-missed moment to taste the original products from our territory!

From polenta (our cornmeal mush), cooked in a thousand ways, to mouthwatering apple strudel: the unique taste of the typical food from Trentino, prepared according to the local tradition, will make you lose your head but… watch out! Remember not to leave it there, because once you have taken a rest, that fabulous view is something you will never forget, for sure. Whatever the season, hiking up to the peak will undoubtedly give you a strong feeling. The summer we are finally living is surely one of the best periods to enjoy the beauty of such a territory, Garda Trentino, soaked in the deep greenery, and the authentic and multicolor nature overlooking Lake Garda.

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Whereas, the sun-kissed ridges are more appealing to unspoiled mountain lovers. The different heights you can take on reward both experts and mountain hiking enthusiasts; choosing the warming cordiality of the manyfold local mountain refuges, you could spend a day (or even more) you will never forget (some facilities offer not only local delicacies, but also accommodation). No matter the point of view, the landscape you could see will be as… overlooking the lake from a roof! I know, the famous song alluded to a “rotonda sul mare”, but trust me and come with me well equipped with cleats, mountain clothes, some water and a strong desire of hiking as well. Feel the itch of challenging the mountain peaks, and challenge yourself as well.

Feel yourself running out of breath, but setting free meanwhile, as if your lungs breath in happiness together with fresh air. You did it, the refuge is there, in front of you. After having struggled so much, your face loosens and your stomach starts rumbling. Now, you can sit down and look Mother Nature’s gift just before your very eyes. Sighing and smiling, it’s now time to go for a tasting cuddle. Savoring it and looking at the sun shining on Lake Garda waves, you will feel that, basically, happiness is within a (uphill) stone’s throw from you!

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