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Maso Giare. Our pristine love for nature

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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There is a place at Garda Trentino where the love for nature is paid back with healthy and wholesome products. This place is Maso Giare, in Arco!

Scent of freshly picked apples, extra virgin olive oil and PDO and De.Co. plums of Dro not far from the beautiful castle of Arco. We are in Maso Giare and here, in their small and delightful rural shop you can buy the gastronomic excellence of Garda Trentino directly from the producer!

We meet Silvano, who together with his brother Lino runs the splendid Maso Giare with the whole Brighenti family.

Silvano tells us the story of their farm while an intense scent of freshly cut apples spreads everywhere. They are producing the delicious apple juice so Silvano takes the opportunity to tell us about themselves.

We discover that the Brighenti family has been working in the field of agriculture for three generations, handing down from father to son the passion for the land, for nature and the pleasure of letting everyone discover their products. Already eighty years ago, in fact, grandfather Tullio, after a day spent in the fields, spent the evening helping his wife in the management of the village inn.

A united family that, starting from the direct sale of fruit under their house, has grown up to give life to Maso Giare, run by the brothers Lino and Silvano, who have taken over the baton by combining agricultural work with tourist hospitality, thanks to the Agriturismo Maso Lizzone opened in 2001.

The enthusiastic Silvano tell us we will soon see the long-awaited “Biocertification on the packaging of their apple juice. All their fruit – kiwi fruit, apples, pomegranates and PDO and De.Co plums of Dro -, is cultivated according to nature and soon it will be possible to certify it with the brand!

From production to sale. We move to the small but well-kept Bottega Rurale to taste some wonderful products.

Walking in the middle of nature, among vineyards and olive trees gives an incredible feeling of peace and well-being.

At the Bottega Rurale Maso Giare we discover a great quantity of 0-km products.

From the classic apple juice to the very delicate ginger juice, from Bio Maso Lizzone extra virgin olive oil (intense, spicy with hints of forest green) to the delicious dried fruit (apples and persimmons) and sweet natural jams.

An irresistible treat? The Balsamelico or apple balsamic. Sweet and not cloying, perfect on delicate lake fish meat or crunchy steamed vegetables.

At Maso Giare we found a shop full of genuine, simple, real products. They fully represent the people who welcomed us and reminded us of what we often forget: life, in the midst of nature is full of sacrifices, but being able to taste the fruit not only of the work in the countryside, but also of the love and synergy that a family business like this one at Maso Giare offers, is a real gift.

At Garda Trentino you can discover other producers that have made love for nature a real way of life and that will give you their fruits and that love that you will carry with you for a long time.

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