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Madonna delle Vittorie, where Tradition meets Casa Marzadro’s experience

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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At Garda Trentino there is a magical place, where the farming tradition meets the experience of an ancient distillery. Ladies and gents, Madonna delle Vittorie.

In Linfano, Arco, close to the long beaches of Lake Garda Trentino, a family tradition has created a perfect combination with the territory; a wine cellar and an olive oil mill at Madonna delle Vittorie.

Once we reached the large and green space in front of the main entrance, we already noticed that nature plays a key role in this place.

Walking towards the olive oil mill, the scents and fragrances of the surrounding nature overwhelmed us.

The smiling Anna Marzadro welcomed us.

Madonna delle Vittorie, where Tradition meets Casa Marzadro’s experience Food and wine

She told us her love at first sight for the extravirgin oil of Garda Trentino, the protagonist of our day.

The Marzadros have a long and incredible tradition for the grappas, but they couldn’t resist the velvety oil of Garda Trentino!

This precious “green gold” is the extravirgin oil produced in the northest part of the world! Thanks to the unique climate conditions of Garda Trentino and the winds Ora and Pelèr, this oil is an excellence that must be preserved! Anna knows that; she is proud of her oil and made us taste two different Madonna delle Vittorie oils.

Sipping the first DPO Garda Trentino extravirgin oil, we immediately perceived its pleasant initial sensation of sweetness and its following bitter and spicy tones. You feel the combination of flavours, the natural flavours of Garda. What a surprise!

We tasted the other oil in the beautiful wine cellar the Marzadros have recently renewed. This oil is produced from precociously harvested olives whose kernel is removed. Rich in polyphenols, this oil amazes for its fresh flavour. It is perfect to season cooked vegetables and lake fish.

Later Anna let us taste a Trentodoc Brut Millesimato, a classic method sparkling wine from Chardonnay grapes only from the vineyards of Arco and Nago-Torbole, that grow not far from the wine cellar.

Refined and gentle bubbles… a precious wine!

After the tasting, we had a tour in the vineyards and everything became even more exciting. The sun shines over them for almost the whole year. Here, at Madonna delle Vittorie, it seems to shine even more. Anna and her passion, the top quality of these products and the guided visit made our day a special one.

Near the restaurant, we sat down and enjoyed the wind on a bench built with old barrels. At Madonna delle Vittorie you can taste extravirgin oil, wine and apple juice, but also have home-made pasta and desserts or the meat, cold cuts and cheese they buy from local producers.

Well, we loved to stand in front of the vineyards and the olive trees at the end of our day… we were thankful as we could enjoy such a pristine nature. Now it is your turn. Go and taste these excellences of Garda Trentino, book your visit and live the magic of this place kissed by Mother Nature.


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