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Lake Tenno and Borgo di Canale in winter. Back to the past among Christmas atmospheres

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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In winter, the tour around Lake Tenno is incredibly fascinating and unique. In this season, when the air is fresh and Christmas makes you feel its vibes, Tenno and Canale give their visitors exclusive and timeless emotions.

The autumn trees surround a sometimes blue and sometimes emerald lake. If you watch Lago Tenno in Garda Trentino from above, it seems you can embrace it. This lake is a wonder of nature and going for a walk around it is therapeutic.

In winter, this landscape shows an unexpected feeling of wellbeing. The temperatures are never too low and the lake gets an even more turquoise nuance – the walk around Lake Tenno is wonderful in winter, as well, because certain almost spiritual places can tell beautiful stories at any time.

A route suitable for everyone. Short, panoramic and enjoyable: a boost to go and visit the medieval village of Canale di Tenno afterwards, why not during the Christmas markets!

Lake Tenno tour:

Listen to us. Leave your car at the parking and walk down the near stairs to get at the lake. Did you know that Lago di Tenno is the sixth biggest lake in Trentino? A landslide from Monte Misone that obstructed the flow of its affluent originated it.

At the shore, you can take a pedestrian route and walk all around the lake of Tenno. If the water level is low, you can even reach the small island in the middle of the lake! At the end of the route, no excuses: go to Canale di Tenno, one of the most beautiful villages of Italy.

Canale di Tenno: the fragrance of a timeless Christmas!

A visit to Canale di Tenno is worth all year round. Anyway, at Christmastime, this medieval village gets an eternal atmosphere and you really can’t miss it.

Canale is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and everyone knows it for being artists’ and painters’ homeland. There is The Artists’ House, too.

What’s more? The whole area is also famous for being one of the most delicious places at Garda Trentino! Here you can taste the raw and salty meat called “carne salada”. Nothing better than carne salada with beans – give a look at the typical restaurants where to taste it – and a glass of mulled wine to heat your body and soul while walking at the Christmas market.

Christmas market in Tenno, the beauty of the handmade art

Lake Tenno and Borgo di Canale in winter. Back to the past among Christmas atmospheres Outdoor Winter

The real Christmas atmosphere is here – wood balconies, stone-made cellars, narrow and paved lanes evoking our past. The Christmas market in Canale di Tenno takes place from 24th November to 16th December 2018

In the cellars, colourful stands full of typical objects made by local expert artisans and hobbyists. Some days in particular, you can feel the Christmas vibe even more: on 24th December at 22:00 there is the shepherds’ parade. They leave from the village and lead the Sacred Family to the church in Ville del Monte to celebrate the midnight holy mess. You will feel like experiencing Baby Jesus’ birth!

The day after Christmas, on 26th December, go and visit the living crib at 14:00. Along with the shepherds, their animals and the Sacred Family hosted in a village stall, you can observe the ancient professions, habits and traditions.

In conclusion, on 6th January, the Befana, the oldest but most loved Italian grandma, gives your children sweets and little presents from 14:00 at the village square.

Tenno. The lake. The village. The touching Christmas. You just need to let your deepest emotions come with you.

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