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Lake Garda Social Wall

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
lake garda social wall
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In a world more and more connected through the Internet, Garda Trentino offers the opportunity to experience its fab landscapes and events live! Thanks to the #gardatrentino hashtag, you will have the chance to share the emotions you have lived on the lake shores with everybody.. don’t miss it!

What does the symbol # lead you think? Someone will immediately think about the checkmate move from the chess notation, while for others it will bring to mind the number theory. But as the very first thing, everybody thinks about a word which is part of our everyday language at this point, in the most technological and social era that has ever existed: hashtag. And together with it, the thousands of connections it creates, binding people, places or events which are physically far one from the other, but that remain accessible thanks to an Internet connection and a device like a smartphone or laptop.

Can you imagine an endless social box, where everyone who uses the #gardatrentino hashtag could be automatically sent to the social wall, being in this way the witness of all the experiences, emotions and moments lived in Garda Trentino?

In this way, the virtual world becomes a happy gathering and sharing place, where the mutual exchange of experiences and evidences is possible. All these things convey an essential message: there are many ways to live a place, and find them out through different perspectives enhances and increases our natural attitude towards curiosity. Tweets, pics, videos, short tales… everything merges into the social wall, narrating Garda Trentino as it was a book. And you? What about you? Why don’t you start using our hashtag and sharing your funny, ironical, happy and cheerful moments lived on the lake shores with us all?

Lake Garda Social Wall Tips

From now on, those of you who choose to experience this territory going on a holiday in search of unforgettable places have three more devices to interact. Not only the social wall, but also an innovative webcam! That is, a motorised webcam that enables the users to have access to the traditional “snap-shots”, but also short HD streaming videos, 360-degree views, weather forecasts and data… everything live, of course! It looks like being already on the lake shores sipping a spritz!

And then, there are us.. if you are here it’s because you are reading us. You have already known us. The Garda Stories blog has been created exactly with the aim of telling this place from a different point of view. A place we deeply love as those who choose every year to visit it, live it and discover it in all its aspects and in each hidden corner.

Events, landscapes to discover, outdoor itineraries, sport, exhibitions and places you won’t find on a tourist guide but that you will spot as curious as a child, because Plutarch used to say: “The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled”. And so, let’s get ready to kindle this fire all together, enhancing the Garda Trentino social wall with all the emotions we can feel and that only this place can communicate!

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