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Lake Garda foodie holiday

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
lake garda foodie holiday
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Holidays, yes, but… with taste! The Garda Trentino district fascinates you not only because of its breathtaking views, but also thanks to its excellent products we have already dealt with here. In cooperation with Consorzio Valle di Ledro and Apt Rovereto and Vallagarina, the project Vacanze con gusto (literally, “Holidays with a Taste”) reaches its fourth edition this year. It enhances this precious food and wine resources aiming at developing both the quality and the offer of the local tourism industry. The several businesses in this program guarantee not only the origin of the products (rigorously local), but mainly the excellent quality!

Lake Garda foodie holiday Food and wine

©2015 Roberto Vuilleumier Garda Trentino S.p.A. Azienda per il turismo

The project Vacanze con gusto positions itself as a real “suggestion” that could help you planning your trip to discover the territory, tasting local products in the meanwhile. How? Choosing among several involved restaurants that offer special menus, or participating in numerous events that celebrate the local specialties all year round, as for example the carne salada, the broccolo di Torbole (presided over by Slowfood) and the PDO extra virgin olive oil. You can also choose for some “ready-made” packages which offer a tailor-made tasting stay to the Garda Trentino dreamers (don’t call them tourists! The visitors who come to this strip of land lapped by the biggest Italian lake are much more than simple travelers). So, some true mouth-filling holidays. All this precious information is included in Vacanze con gusto, which provides you with an overview of all the local excellences and also with an exhaustive list of producers, restaurants, shops and businesses to be consulted easily and quickly. In this way you could experience your sensorial vacation during which each perception is enhanced to merge into a smash of tastes made in Garda Trentino. If I say “dream holidays”, what is your immediate association? I would say: taste! And this dream becomes true in Garda Trentino, you can bet on it!

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